Anger As Art - Working On 4th Studio Album

US Thrasher's Anger As Art is currently in the pre-production of their fourth studio album. In a lengthy "End Of Year" update, the band vocalist and guitarist, Steve Gaines, states the following:

"You guys have no idea what kind of absolute rage has been un-corked in the music we are writing for album #4. Yes, I said it here - we are now in pre-production for our 4th full length release. With the tentative title of Hubris, Inc - once again the subject matter is about rising against. If you all walked in our shoes, you'd know (and many of you do. That is why we speak not just for you, but with you!!!). At this point, I cannot say anything more than it sounds like Anger, the logical next step after Disfigure. Song titles so far:

  • Lead You To Betray
  • Divided We Fall
  • Speed Kills
  • Time Devours Life
  • This is Why I Hate
  • Head Of The Snake
  • The Evil You Create

On a personal note - I have to tell you how thrilled I am to have Angelo, Rob and Dan in this band as we prepare for #4. I can honestly say that after having been something of a bulldozer with previous line-ups (trying to keep everyone focused on what AAA is - not what it isn't or could be with a little tweaking) this is the first time I can really let go and let the guys bring their vision in. We hope to start tracking sometime in spring... but we have a lot of irons in the fire."

You can read the full message at this location.

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Posted: 20.12.2010 by BudDa

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