Artillery - New Album Title Revealed

Thrash metal band Artillery is currently working in Medley Studios, Denmark, on the follow-up to their highly acclaimed album When Death Comes (2009). The new material entitled My Blood will be released by Metal Mind Productions in March 2011.

So far Artillery recorded 14 songs - 10 brand new tracks, a remake of "Ain´t Giving In" (from 1992´s Mind Factory demo) and 3 bonus tracks which are all new versions of timeless classics from the 1985's album Fear of Tomorrow ("The Eternal War", "The Almighty", "Show Your Hate").

Soren Adamsen, Artillery's vocalist, revealed a few titles of the new tracks. He also described the lyrics for those tracks:

  • "The Great Satan" - it's a song about the decadence of the western society and evil empires all around the world.
  • "Monster" - a song about serial killers. None in particular.
  • "Death is an Illusion" - a track about life and death.
  • "The End of Eternity"- dealing with depression and thoughts about starting a new life.
  • "Mi Sangre" - it's about my son. It's a 7 and a half-minute song, almost an epic endeavor.
  • "Concealed in the Dark" - two words - David Sharp. Go search for it on the internet, it's an interesting story.
  • "Dark Days" - it's about the change in the climate.
  • "Warrior Blood" - a song about fighting. Soldiers, prize-fighters, people who are struggling with deadly diseases.

What can we expect from the musical side of the new album? Guitarist Michael Stützer says: "The sound is a bit more heavy than it was on When Death Comes. The music is a mixture of our previous albums When Death Comes and By Inheritance, with a slight touch of Terror Squad and Fear of Tomorrow with some oriental pieces." Producer Søren Andersen added: "There is an almost rock´n roll feeling in some of the songs".

The release date of My Blood is set for 9th March 2011 in Japan (via Kings Records), 21st March 2011 in Europe and 5th April 2011 in USA (via MVD). Full details to be announced soon.

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Doesn't sound too bad

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I'm looking forward to this, placed on my wishlist.

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