Opeth - Part Ways With Keyboardist Per Wiberg

Keyboardist Per Wiberg has been relieved of his duties in Opeth as part of a mutual decision with the band. Keyboard duties on upcoming tours will be handled by a musician who is already rehearsing with the band. Said musician's identity will be released at a later date.

Vocalist/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt released the following statement about the matter: "Well, it's been somewhat of a revolving door of members during the last couple of years, and now, Per is no longer a member. Mendez, Axe and Fredrik and I came to the decision that we should find a replacement for Per right after the recordings of the new album, and this came as no surprise to Per. He had, in turn, been thinking about leaving, so you could say it was a mutual decision. There's no bad blood, just a relationship that came to an end, and that's that. We wish Per the best, and he did a splendid job recording keyboards for the last record, which stands as his final recording with Opeth."

Opeth remain hard at work on their next as-yet-untitled album, which follows up 2008's critically acclaimed Watershed. The album is due out this Fall on Roadrunner Records.

[Big thanks goes out to J. N., Akke920, Morteza K., Bitch Boy and skrätte for sending in this clearly super-important news!]

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Posted: 06.04.2011 by ThereIWas

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07.04.2011 - 14:44
I Will Miss U Dear Wiberg
Stab me with hate
Enforce my fate
Pain's my belonging
To death I am longing
The death I desire
The dead I admire
See no more illusion
Just thy persecution

So finish your work
Stab me with fork
Torture with knife
End useless life
Slit all my wrists
07.04.2011 - 15:04
This sucks huge donkey balls! I'm currently on an Opeth binge and this news couldn't come at a worse time. Glad to hear the new album is coming along. Good luck with future projects Mr Wiberg. How awesome would it be to get that keyboard slot with Opeth though? Damn.
07.04.2011 - 16:53
This is really sad.
I'm still hoping its one of Mike's jokes

He was a great guy and the best musician of Opeth according to Mikael.
Also he had a great voice, that is what I'm going to miss most of him, the backing vocals.

Hope Fred gets his vocal skills pumped up or that the new keyboardist can keep up with Per
07.04.2011 - 18:35
I love Per... this is saddening, but change surely promotes progress. At least we get one more album out of him.
07.04.2011 - 19:20
Its a pity. He´s a great Keyboard player.
07.04.2011 - 22:29
They didn't say they're going to move on without keyboards so i believe in Mikael's judgement and think that the replacement will be a very talented one too Of course we will miss Per but as Mikael said , maybe that was the best decision Let's hope the best !
You lift my spirit, take me higher, make me fly,
Touch the moon up in the sky, when you are mine
You lift me higher, take my spirit, make it fly,
Where all new wonders will appear ..

Finland :)
08.04.2011 - 07:06
Underpaid M.D.
So damn bad, I'm glad I saw him playing live before this.
"Les vers savent qu'ils n'ont pas d'ailes, c'est pour cela qu'ils se cachent sous terre"
08.04.2011 - 10:03
It would be better if they kick Martin Axenrot.

I saw them three times with him, and he always plays in a very bad way....
09.04.2011 - 01:09
enemy yv
That is disappointing , he was a a good addition to their live show. They know what they are doing though and whoever they get will be fine. I'm more interested in what contributions if any Steven Wilson brought to the new record. Blackwater, damn and deliverance wouldn't be the same without his input.
09.04.2011 - 02:51
Why do all these "part ways" news always sound the same?
09.04.2011 - 21:46
Evil Chip
Their best were Blackwater park and Ghost reveries at the same level. And the keyboards go really well with the music IMO. Just listen to Hours of Wealth, one of the most inspired mellow songs from Opeth. Those 2 albums are their masterpieces, the rest are very good perphaps but no as good. I don't find their early years as good as some metalhead purist claim em to be. As for the new keyboard player.. it won't matter much, since Mikael writes all of the music.
13.04.2011 - 15:02
O Sinistron
Hopeless Sinner
Let's see what will come...

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