Nick Oliveri - Update

The musician, that recently parted ways with QOTSA, posted a statement on his project(Mondo Generator) website:

"It's been a long time since I've written to the site and I'm sorry about that. The good news is &.it wasn't because there wasn't anything new to talk about but just the opposite. There is a shit load to talk about! First of all THANKYOU for getting involved with helping Kayla. They found a 10 of 10 match and so she will get a transplant after going through chemo. I've never been one to ask for help, so I appreciate all of you that did. Now lets get to the reason you are on the site&&.music!

In November and December I joined the Mark Lanegan Band for the Bubblegum tour. It was crazy!!!!! I went to Europe to open as Acoustic Tornado and ended up also playing guitar in his band as well, 25 songs in a day! I was reading off of cheat sheets, (thanks for those pages Michael.) It was pretty stressful but in the end it all worked out good and the tour was all good!

I was hoping to get started on the new Mondo Generator album with Ben Perrier and Ben Thomas of the mighty '"Winnebago Deal" but things are postponed because I'm still seeking a co producer, or I may do it myself. Also Cargo Records Germany has released Mondo Generator 3 the EP on vinyl and it is pretty bad ass looking. It is available on the store page and we also have the Nick Oliveri Demolition day / Mondo Generator 3 the EP split CD available as well. Thank you to all the artists involved in the cover contest! The finalist are going to be on the inside gatefold of the EP and the winner is going to be on the 15 song full length vinyl release of Demolition day. It was so hard to just pick one! Sorry for taking so long to release it. I'm headless right now, so until I find a new manager things will be a bit fucked!

Josh came to my house , and gave me the new QOTSA record to trip on. It's good but I can't help but know I could have added what is missing. I did sing a track on the new Turbonegro record .The song is called '"the Final Warning" and it is killer! There is a complete orchestra on this track so it is badass. Turbonegro is one of my favorite bands and it was an honor to be a part of it. Thanks Tom and the rest of the Turbojugend . I might do a project with Casey Chaos called Suicide Pact, we thought it would be good to fuck some shit up together, since that is what we would be doing anyway! , we'll see&&.. Anyways goodbye, talk to you soon!


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Posted: 22.02.2005 by Metalforthespirit

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