Edguy - New EP Scheduled For September 05


Just a short message: We've just come back from our trip to Granada, Spain Edguy.netto play the Atarfe-Vega-Rock festival. It was a lot of fun, although it's been pretty cold in the venue. That was not what we expected from Spain but however, you people who were there were really great. Some technical
problems on stage and we couldn't bring the whole show, but what the fuck - we gave our best and you gave your best, that's what counts. We all had a great evening!

After the show we had a kind of pre-birthday party for Eggi, together with the Primal Fear guys. Great guys, great fun. We will not mention any details, I am not gonna reveal that Jens woke up in his bath tub full of water and that I had to be carried out of the venue by two of our crew guys later that night. Well, you see: We had fun!!! Felix had a food war with himeself which is not very funny. There's a lot of people who starve while two Kiwis accidently slipped out of Felix' hand and exploded on the wall. To his excuse we should mention that he wouldn't have managed to throw them to Namibia anyway. So I want to stress we can't speak about waste of food in this case.

Meanwhile we are working full-steam on our new EP that is estimated to be released in September. A full length album is to follow early next year. I liked the concept of delivering a big value-for-money thing as the official single last time just like the King Of Fools EP. We got very good response to that and we are so creative at the moment that there will be a lot of material as it seems. We'll see, can't tell too much at this point. But we are working on that one. Anyway, the material sounds good, sound like Edguy, very fresh, very cheeky and of course epic at times. You'll hear it later. Have a great week and happy birthday Eggi,


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Posted: 03.03.2005 by Dream_Taster

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