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"The Giant", a brand new song from German doom metallers Ahab, featuring the guest appearance of Enslaved's Herbrand Larsen, is currently streaming at their Soundcloud page. The song is the title track taken from the band's upcoming album The Giant, which will be released in May through Napalm Records. More album details were previously reported here and here.

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Posted: 29.04.2012 by BloodTears

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30.04.2012 - 06:46
Sure let them change their sound, but its understandable that some, myself included, would be a bit regretful about an evolution that drifts too far from what made the band notable in the first place. If you like their first album you're going to miss the sound they had there regardless of whether this new direction sounds good or not. Some people I'm sure just want a band in which they can trust to deliver an album not only of like quality to "The Call Of The Wretched Sea" but also of like sound, something which promises them a sort of experience they know they're going to enjoy. If a band deviates too much from the sound which they are regarded for then you can hardly expect interest not to waver.
30.04.2012 - 07:52
Doit Like Bernie
It's a decent song, no doubt, but there's better post-metal to listen to out there if that's what they're trying to do now. For me, I'll just stick with the debut.
30.04.2012 - 08:36
I guess I can dig it, it isn't bad at all. Hopefully the rest of the album opens up a bit more. Sounds like the crushing waves and deep dark depths that were on, The Call of the Wretched Sea have transformed into ocean spray.
30.04.2012 - 10:01
Written by Alex F on 29.04.2012 at 19:01

And also, stop genre fighting, that is the saddest thing to see, two people arguing about what genre to call a song, it's pathetic.

You have no idea how much I agree with you. I absolutely hate arguments about genres:

"they're this now, because of this and that"
"no, there's more of that there, so they're definitely that"
"no way, they're this with a slight tinge of that and the other that as well"
"I can't hear the other that here at all, they're pure this!"

You know how it goes... Meh.
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30.04.2012 - 15:32
Troy Killjoy
Regardless, they're venturing into territory I don't care for. Like I said, good for them if they're doing what they want and whatnot, but I personally don't care for the new direction if indeed they've transitioned into being a post-metal band.
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