Thaurorod - Part Ways With Singer, Looking For Replacement

Finnish prog/power band Thaurorod has parted ways with their singer Michele Luppi. In a statement, the band said: "Unfortunately we have had to let Luppi go as he don't have enough time for Thaurorod and we just see it impossible to go on with him. He is an phenomenal vocalist and we wanted to give him time to complete his duties with Thaurorod. Finally we realized that a right thing to do is to continue with someone more motivated who shares the same passion and hunger to go on with Thaurorod as the rest of the band."

Michele Luppi released the following: "I'm so sorry I could not give my 100% to this fantastic band over the last year. I must say all these guys are great and amazing players. I'm sure Pasi, Empo, Joonas, Vili and Lasse will soon find the best guy in order to reach the success they all deserve; they really do. These guys kick ass totally, they are extremely nice and we did an unforgettable Tour last year with Symphony X and Nevermore. As always I gave my best to take part to all the commitments with the band until my personal issues and some people I spent time with really turned my heart black; of course, I'm not talking about my Finnish mates. Then, I could not be 'the real Michele' anymore, the one that I wanna be remembered and perceived. If my inner circle included true-loving people instead of liars and monsters I'm pretty sure I would have achieved great things with the band. After I finally killed those demons, I decided to focus on 2 bands only: my own (Michele Luppi Band) and Secret Sphere. I believe what makes a band a Real One are not the great skills or the chops; it's all a matter of hearts trying to achieve common goals. Mine was blocked, almost dead. Shit happens, no matter what. I apologize to my Finnish bros if my 'Thaurorod days' have been obscured by things that should not have compromised the pureness of my efforts... A mistake that won't happen again. Good luck guys and I'll see you soon on the road."

The band is seeking a replacement. In case you have what it takes, as posted on the band's Facebook page, send your application for audition with MP3 audio files or video to before August 31, 2012.

[Also thanks to Abattoir for sending in this news!]

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Posted: 21.07.2012 by BudDa

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