Wintersun - Release 'Time II' Album Update

With the release of Time I behind them, Wintersun have begun mixing their next album, which will be Time II, of course. For now, the band plans to release it in early 2014.

Update from the band: "Hi everyone! After some Festival and Summer show announcements we thought we might also give you a heads up regarding Time II.

2012 was a really great year for us, the release of Time I was a huge success and we did two successful tours and many sold out shows. But we are aiming even higher and take Wintersun to the next level in 2013! We have 3 official webstores up and running (Europe, Finland, North America) and we hope you guys like the available items. There'll be constant updates and new products and we will also have interesting competitions and specials coming up on our pages, so be sure to check it all out.

We are starting the mix of Time II and it will be released early 2014. The album will continue where Time I left, but it will be an upgrade in production, it will be equally epic, if not more. It will contain some 'fast stuff' and some guitar shredding (incl. 7 solos) like some of you metal heads and guitar wankers have been wishing for. It will also contain some of the most beautiful music ever written, that will bring a tear to your eye.

We are playing some huge summer festivals in Finland and in EU (Incl. Tuska, Nummirock, Metalfest, Beastival, Hellfest...) and for the first time going to Spain. We are also taking part in Emma Gaala ('Finnish Grammy') in March for the nomination of 'Best Metal Album of the Year'. We know it's going to be an exciting year. It is because all of you who have supported us during the years, we have been able to grow and continue to do what we love.

Thank you for all the support! Stay tuned for some further exciting live news soon! We hope to see all of you on the road and during the festival season 2013! - Wintersun boys."

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Posted: 08.02.2013 by StarBarer

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21.02.2013 - 16:26
Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 12.02.2013 at 15:14

omg someone who thinks that music unites and that all metallers should be friends?

That is not what I wrote, although why not?

Respect is what I have in mind. Why not encourage a band you like, or if you think "it's shit", then why would shout out something like that? (To be clear, I'm not saying that one cannot say opinions out loud). You don't see this kind of acting on the streets, like someone shouting "Hey, that's a really shitty looking shirt!". Well, if you do, it's probably some teenagers. I doubt that so much people here are angry teens, but nevertheless some of them act like ones.

Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 12.02.2013 at 15:14

And if you read closely it is clear that everyone here agrees, so in that sense it is all brothers here. How can one (be it fan of the band or not) not be skeptical.......

Group of people "beating down" on one, and thats "agreeing" and "brothers"? Well, one might think so, I do not. Again, not to comment news itself.

Written by Alex F on 12.02.2013 at 17:27

Scary looking people?
What the hell does that mean. Why do metal-heads have to be scary looking?

Totally missing the point. I was talking about unexpected behavior, like an angry looking guy not getting mad when you accidentally step on his toes. Exaggerated example, of course. I didn't say that everyone has to look scary, why would you think that?

Don't take my comments too seriously, it's not in my intentions to get in arguments.

One thing I do enjoy are short, sarcastic, funny comments (for example about the delay). But reading dozens of comments containing frustrated word gets really tiring.
23.04.2014 - 14:53
When will this one be released? Wintersun are trolling us again.
23.04.2014 - 15:09
OMG my life has just changed.
Seriously, he proves himself not only as a liar, but also as a self obsessed musician by this statement.
Giving my ears a rest from music.

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