Falkenbach - Tribute To Be Released

A tribute to Falkenbach is going to be released this 31 of December 2006 via Skaldic Art. It will be limited to 300 copies. The tribute will be a double cd and it will consist of:

Anakron - Baldurs Tod
Armageddon Architect - Homeward Shore
Bewitched - The ardent awaited land
Bombensturm - Walkiesjar
Diamond Eyed Princess - Aduatuza
Eluveitie - Vanadis
Folkearth - Heathenpride
Forgotten Daylight - Winternight
Geist - Laeknishendr
Hildr Valkyrie - The Heralder
Hordak - When Gjallarhorn will sound…
Karna - Ultima Thule
Morgan The Bard - Galdralag
Racheengel - Into the ardent awaited land…
Rilauven - Roman Land
Theudho - Where blood will soon be shed
Vinterriket - Walhall

Source: - Skaldic Art Productions Newsletter -
Band profile: Falkenbach
Posted: 12.12.2005 by Metalforthespirit

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