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Valkyrja - To Release New Album In November

Black metallers Valkyrja have announced the release of their new album The Antagonist's Fire for November 11th. Valkyrja's third album to date and first for W.T.C. Productions follows their critically acclaimed second album, Contamination, released in 2010. Further details and samples are to follow but for now you can take a look at the album's cover artwork and tracklist below.

Description of the album: "Furious yet poised, feral yet professional, here Valkyrja go from strength to strength, employing a variety of tempos and textures - including a pronounced usage of classic heavy metal lead work - whilst staying deadly committed to timeless Black Metal Orthodoxy."

The band posted on their Facebook page: "On the 11th day of the 11th month we'll set free the third of the storms! A flame that has been fed during the past three years, since the birth of Contamination. We unleash to you - The Antagonist's Fire!"


01. Betrayal Incarnate
02. The Cremating Fire
03. Madness Redeemer
04. Yearn To Burn
05. Eulogy (Poisoned, Ill And Wounded)
06. Season Of Rot
07. Treading The Path Of The Predator

Band profile: Valkyrja
Posted: 18.09.2013 by Zonaria_789

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