Evil Masquerade - Announce New Singer

Evil Masquerade have announced a new singer. Apollo Papathanasio is out of the picture and Swedish singer Tobias Jansson has been introduced as their new frontman. Tobias will already be contributing to the band's upcoming new album coming next year.

The band explained: "Most of you are aware of that Apollo hasn't been seen much with the band this year. He feels that he needs to slow down and take a time-out from his musical career for a while and focus more on his private life that has suffered from busy schedules. The band fully understands and respects this.

This is nothing new and everyone saw this coming. Therefore, as you have already seen, Evil Masquerade decided to move on several months ago. Now approaching a new album it's time to officially introduce the new singer.

It hardly comes as a surprise for people attending Evil Masquerade's shows this year, that the microphone has been handed over to Swedish powerhouse singer Tobias Jansson. In very short time he has grown close to the whole Evil Masquerade family and the band already sounds like a well-oiled machine live. You can look forward to hear him on the upcoming album The Digital Crucifix. Welcome to Evil Masquerade Tobias!"

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Evil Masquerade
Posted: 12.10.2013 by Bad English

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