Glorior Belli - Entire New Album Streaming Online

With the release of the new album Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls set for next Tuesday, October 29th, in Europe and November 12th in North America via Agonia Records, Glorior Belli are currently streaming the full new album online. So, if you still haven't listened to it, waste no more time and click play on the Soundcloud widget below. Enjoy!

Mastermind Billy Bayou described the band's sound: "We are indeed influenced by the spirit of rebellion and the almost shocking humbleness of the blues. Understand that we are capable as a black metal band of developing a certain atmosphere in our music, and we simply mix that with a non-bullshit attitude as if music was the last thing we had left. Mixing those influences together is playing with what may seem like two opposite elements but in the end they interact and complement each other."

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Posted: 27.10.2013 by BloodTears


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29.10.2013 - 03:30
I listened to it twice and I really enjoyed most of it. There are a couple tracks I'm not a big fan of, but that often changes after I listen to an album for a while. I love the sound and the southern rock/blues influences. From the bits and pieces I've heard off their last couple albums I don't remember them being as cohesive or as groovy.

Standout tracks off the bat are Blackpowder Roars, A Hoax, a Croc!, Backwoods Bayou(instrumental that really builds great atmosphere), The South Will Always Know My Name, and Built for Discomfort. My biggest complaint is that some songs fragment into half of it being really good and the other being a bit lacking(I Asked For Wine..., Backwoods Bayou.

I think the mix of styles works surprisingly well here and I really like that it leans more towards rock influenced riffing and leaves the vocals to add the heavier element a lot of the time. Might have to pick this up, especially since it has such a killer cover.

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