Hevein - Max Lilja Leaves The Band

Cellist Max Lilja (ex-Apocalyptica) has left the Finnish band Hevein. The band received donations from fans in 2012 to record the new album Gentle Anarchy after being on the verge of disbanding. However, Max Lilja didn't finish his parts for the songs the band recorded.

Hevein released this update: "It may or may not surprise you that Max Lilja has left Hevein. He did this many months ago. We thank him for the years of work he put in to the band and making us better musicians. He made a lot happen for this band make no mistake, it's just such shame he could not finish his parts for the 5 songs recorded in 2012.

"So these fucking awesome songs on this nightmare-anchor of an album remain unfinished. What happens now, we don't know. TFTC. - L."

[Thanks to Ag Fox for the tip!]

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Hevein
Posted: 16.06.2014 by BloodTears

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