Wolvhammer - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Here is some sludge metal for you delivered by Wolvhammer. The Americans are releasing their third album Clawing Into Black Sun on the 8th of July via Profound Lore Records. Before that, you can stream the entire piece at this location and see if you like it. Did you enjoy the album and would you recommend it?


01. The Silver Key
02. Clawing Into Black Sun
03. Slaves To The Grime
04. The Desanctification
05. Lethe
06. In Reverence
07. Death Division
08. A Light That Does Not Yield

The band said of the album: "We're pretty stoked on how this record came out, hopefully all of you are as well. A few surprising elements are scatted throughout the album, so make sure to get through the whole thing. The last song in particular is something I think we're especially proud of."

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Wolvhammer
Posted: 03.07.2014 by BloodTears

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