Iron Maiden - New Album Artwork, New Single And Tour Info

Iron Maiden have posted the new album artwork on their website. The album should be released in September.

Also announced is the news that The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg will be released as a very special single on August 14th.

Says Steve Harris, "This is a very intense album in many ways and we really wanted to go with a lead track that demonstrated that in the best way, rather than going for a shorter track on the album just to please the chart rules. Benjamin Breeg is a great example of the feel of the album in it's really heavy riff and lyrically it's a very dark, atmospheric and powerful song which really epitomizes what the album is all about for us. So it made a natural choice for us."

In true Maiden style, the single will be released in two special Limited Edition formats, which by content will not be eligible for the UK singles chart. Manager Rod Smallwood explained, "There are various chart rules compliant to number of tracks, the maximum running time, price structure and all the rest of it. As for the new Maiden single - its simple - we're putting out a two track CD - The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg and Hallowed Be Thy Name (Legends Session) and if it's too long to qualify for the charts, then so be it. We have no problem with it being non-chart eligible.

EMI will also release a special 7" picture disc with collectable sticker of the 'Crossed Guns' Logo. B sides to both formats are from last years amazing Radio 1 legends session, recorded especially for the Zane Lowe show.

Limited Edition 2 track CD:
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Radio 1 'Legends' Session)

Limited Edition 7" picture disc:
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
Run To The Hills (Radio 1 'Legends' Session)
The Trooper (Radio 1 'Legends' Session)

The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg is taken from the forthcoming album, A Matter Of Life And Death - full track listing as below:

01. Different World - Smith/Harris - 4.17
02. These Colours Don't Run - Smith/Harris/Dickinson - 6.52
03. Brighter Than a Thousand Suns - Smith/Harris/Dickinson - 8.44
04. The Pilgrim - Gers/Harris - 5.07
05. The Longest Day - Smith/Harris/Dickinson - 7.48
06. Out Of the Shadows - Dickinson/Harris 5.36
07. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg - Murray/Harris - 7.21
08. For The Greater Good of God - Harris - 9.24
09. Lord Of Light - Smith/Harris/Dickinson - 7.23
10. The Legacy - Gers/Harris - 9.20

Iron Maiden undertake a massive Winter European Tour that opens in Denmark on 9th November, culminating in eight UK arena dates at the end of December (including two nights at Earls Court Arena) and will play to nearly 100,000 people in the UK alone! The majority of these shows are already sold out. Please check for details on for the latest information on ticket availability and for details of tickets just released from Production holds.

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Posted: 05.07.2006 by Bas2


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05.07.2006 - 13:10
Rosetta Stoned
Awesome artwork, but it's not Maiden.
05.07.2006 - 13:29
Exactly, Eddie is not in clear view.
05.07.2006 - 14:23
It's pretty good i think. I didn't much like the CGI art from Dance of Death anyway. This one's nicer.
05.07.2006 - 14:34
Account deleted
I like it. I hope I like the album too...:P
05.07.2006 - 17:48
Account deleted
The artwork is a step up. The problem is that the soldiers are American and Eddie is clearly British XD
05.07.2006 - 18:00
ha,heart artwork,and really lengthy songs (Y)
oh my fucking god, fucking dinosaurs
05.07.2006 - 19:42
Account deleted
nice artwork i like it
05.07.2006 - 19:48
Magere Tijn
i like the idea, but it's not really maiden, like cradka said.
05.07.2006 - 21:27
Der Meister
Account deleted
Really awesome cover art! Maiden covers are always cool!
05.07.2006 - 21:33
Nice Cover art but honestly I have seen better works from you.!
06.07.2006 - 00:23
1.14.32 length (if i'm right)
Very good artwork... compared to Dance Of Death, anything could be better.

The best, is that both Blind Guardian and Iron Maiden will release new albums in September.

And, of course, I LOVE long songs
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06.07.2006 - 00:32
Daru Jericho
Interesting artwork. Not Maiden, but better than DOD.
Aborted Misanthropic Smurf Puppy On Acid.

06.07.2006 - 02:23
Account deleted
I liked a lot the artwork that is better than Dance of Death
I'm really excited to hear The Reencarnation of Benjamin
But I only have a doubt
Where the hell is Eddie?!!!
06.07.2006 - 15:06
No maiden.
06.07.2006 - 15:53
Dance, bitch!
Eddie is the soldier on top of the tank. Have a closer look, fellas.
06.07.2006 - 23:26
Account deleted
looks to me like maiden's going death on this one...oh maiden...death Ah JEAH!!
08.07.2006 - 03:44
Account deleted
Great artwork... Can't wait!
08.07.2006 - 05:03
Account deleted
love the art album i like it better than dance of death. cant wait:D
08.07.2006 - 09:08
It's not eddie on the top of the tank.
There are 6 soldiers which are the 6 members of Iron Maiden.

And if i had to guess, the soldier on the tank is Bruce because of the way he puts his leg.
08.07.2006 - 21:40
A village idiot
who else thinks that it looks pretty much like funny version of panzer division marduk? )

Cryptic Bleak Smurf of Ur
13.07.2006 - 01:01
Account deleted
Eddie is in the strange logo of the soldier head with the two machineguns. But anyway, the arwork is really nice. Can't wait!!!
13.07.2006 - 23:17
Vinnie R.
Chido Chido
The best artwork since powerslave, amazing!
16.08.2006 - 04:28
Arian Totalis
The Philosopher
Written by HardSide on 06.07.2006 at 15:06

No maiden.

Eddie Gloriously Standing Atop the tank, as it rides down and Crushes all who oppose him!
look again, you'll see, sorry, I just get caught up in the glory of maiden
"For the Coward there is no Life
For the hero there is No Death"
-Kakita Toshimoko

"The Philosopher, you know so much about nothing at all." _Chuck Schuldiner.
16.08.2006 - 11:12
Account deleted
I don't seem to like it for some reason, maybe it's too basic and removed from the general style of some of their better albums (not suggesting that this one will be bad by any means)...
08.01.2007 - 12:31
Account deleted
One of the best artwork!!

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