When Nothing Remains - Officially Split Up (UPDATE)

Sad news from When Nothing Remains camp, while the band just announced that their cooperation won't go further anymore. Swedish doomsters also unveiled a brief message, which doesn't give any particular information nor details why the band disbanded. Since their formation in 2010, When Nothing Remains released three full length albums.

Statement from the co-founder and vocalist/bassist Jan Sallander: "When Nothing Remains has officially split and any future cooperation will not be continued. This Facebook page will not be active, but will remain available as the Memoriam for the fans and for us. Thank you all for listning and supporting us though the years!"

UPDATED NEWS (12.01.2018)

Official statement: "Dear All, as the "old" The Cold Existence page magically popped out again and posted the false info regarding the band break up, we think it is only fair to inform you about what had happened.

"As you know Jan Sallander is the co-founder of When Nothing Remains along with Peter Laustsen. Unfortunately they had split in unfriendly way. Before the disagreement they both decided to put WNR to sleep. After the agreement was made Jan removed Peter from page admin duties, as the page was decided to be deleted. As the result Peter hacked and deleted The Cold Existence Official page. Their future cooperation and 19 years of friendship is over. For a past few days we are trying to recreate the page and gain the fan base that was lost. Just a moment ago the initial TCE page was activated again, and one of the posts informed that the band had split and will not record anymore. This is yet another Peters attempt at destroying Jans project.

"The Cold Existence is here! We are here alive and kicking. Some people (Peter) play plain ugly to get rid of us, but we will fight!"

Courtesy of the group's Facebook page

Source: facebook.com
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Posted: 11.01.2019 by Liafev

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