Sammath - New Video Streaming

After premiering "Bitter Fighting Amongst The Dead", Sammath now proudly present the video for "Ferocious Mortar Fire". It features material taken from the Rhineland archives or shot in 2019 on location at the battlefields. The band's upcoming album Across The Rhine Is Only Death is due out on October 7th via Hammerheart Records.

The press release reads: "War isn't pretty, and a lot of metal romanticizes it. Yes, the act of war itself might be something particularly inspiring for the violent, brooding world of metal. Cinematically, though, metal seems to be more like a propaganda film with a clear winner and chosen side than revealing the true face of war.

"Sammath's is the music of war. It is horrifying, atonal, brutal - the kind of music one would avoid listening to with others. The bloodthirsty, blasting sound which emanates from their instruments is anti-life, anti-god, and, as a result, it is impenetrable. Watch the war footage imbued video for 'Ferocious Mortar Fire' below."

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Posted: 12.08.2019 by nikarg

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