Ironsword - New EP Online, Album Coming Next Year

The Portuguese cult underground epic metal force Ironsword has teamed up with Fernando Ribeiro's (Moonspell) powerhouse label Alma Mater Records and you can now listen to their new EP, In The Coils Of Set, down below. The official release date of the EP is November 1st, while the upcoming album, Servants Of Steel, is due out on January 24th, 2020. Both were produced by Harris Johns (Helloween, Voivod, Kreator, Sodom).

Ironsword's new full-length album will be featuring guest vocalist Bryan Hellroadie Patrick from Manilla Road. Guitarist and vocalist Tann comments: "This is definitely the most challenging album ever written and stands out from all previous works. Everything that is quintessentially Ironsword is present here and out in full force."

Servants Of Steel tracklist:

1. Hyborian Scrolls
2. Rogues In The House (featuring Bryan Hellroadie Patrick)
3. Upon The Throne
4. Tower Of The Elephant
5. In The Coils Of Set
6. Red Nails (featuring Bryan Hellroadie Patrick)
7. Gods Of The North
8. Son Of Crom
9. Keepers Of The Crypt
10. Black Colossus
11. Isle Of The Damned
12. Servants Of Steel

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Posted: 21.09.2019 by Bad English

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