Katharos XVIII - Premiere New Video

Romanian black metal / doom jazz outfit Katharos XIII, another of Fulmineos' projects, has recently released their third studio album, Palindrome, which you can stream here. Taken from that album comes "Vidma", whose video you can watch below:

The band posted the following on their Facebook page:

"Vidma video is out today. It is directed by Alexandru Das, and it is intended to be a meditative capture of our place in the universe, as a non-existential experience interacting with primary elements. During the whole journey we are observers and we sink more and more into our anxieties hallucinating with the unknown discovering that we are not the center of everything as we want to believe. Like a shadow spirit, Vidma impersonates the flow of life as flashes of light in the void of the universe where questions of what is simulated and what is real around us are painful for the seeker, but maybe the key is at the end of the journey where you will find a dream that sets reality to be what we want to believe it is and the rest is lost in the dark like life itself."

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Katharos XIII
Posted: 06.11.2019 by RaduP

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