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Therion - "Gothic Kabbalah" Available For Streaming

The new album of Therion entitled "Gothic Kabbalah", is now available for streaming here.
Due in North America on February 6, 2007, the CD was recorded and mixed in Stockholm by Stefan Glaumann and features Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw sharing the vocal duties with Mats Levén and two female singers Katarina Lilja on solo and choral vocals; and Hannah Holgersson on solo, choral, and soprano vocals.

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Posted: 07.12.2006 by Døc


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08.12.2006 - 01:15
This album sounds great, I will need to listen to it several times, but for a first listen it just impressed me. And the guitar solos are just absurd, Christian Niemann can play blazing fast and cool.
08.12.2006 - 04:57
Account deleted
A few weaks ago i heard the whole album and it's a bit diferent than their last work but... it's still awesome i can't wait 'till the realize
08.12.2006 - 08:44
Rosetta Stoned
It sounds a bit different but hell how great it is!!!!!! Give Therion Now please!!!
I have to see them live aswell waaah...

GREAT ALBUM! I want to give it 8/10 or more already
08.12.2006 - 15:57
Rosetta Stoned
The title track sounds like Megadeth, and then the Ayreon-flute (well...) kicks in...
I've been listening all day to theese! Can't get enough! Give now!
09.12.2006 - 02:15
Account deleted
Very good, but less classical and more accessible/commercial
09.12.2006 - 12:28
Angel of Lust
OMG Therion are incredible, every album is great!
Yeah it sounds a bit different, but... amazing, simply amazing!

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
10.12.2006 - 12:39
It's different... I'll give you that. But it still kicks a$$
10.12.2006 - 15:34
Retired Staff
Written by rpsgc on 10.12.2006 at 12:39

It's different... I'll give you that. But it still kicks a$$

Lol! Of course it's different, for each Therion album is different than the other one's. That's the beauty of Therion, they won't make two albums in the exact same style. Each album is a wonderful experience (and journey) on it's own. And so is this album!
I find it very melodic and, like Revenant said, very listening-friendly and thus accessible.
Already one of the better albums of 2007.
Your favorite band sucks.

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