Nevermore - Guitarist Posts Update After Kidney Transplant

Nevermore guitarist Steve Smyth has posted the following update at his official website, after having a successful kidney transplant operation:

"The time has finally come to share a very important piece of news, directly related to my health. On December 12th, 2006, I had a successful kidney transplant! After 6 straight months on dialysis, changes to my lifestyle and diet, and a very thorough search for a suitable donor, by early August 2006, we had a preliminary match. Several rounds of blood and tissue typing tests had to be subsequently performed to ensure we were a perfect match for transplant; the main reason for my hesitance in saying anything publicly during those months.

The donor shall remain nameless, but my gratitude to him for his selfless act of kindness and friendship will endure forever! Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me!

I am now on the road to recovery, as they say. This is mainly requiring a lot of adjustment to medications I will be on for the rest of my life, a small price to pay to be free from dialysis, and the restrictions it places on a person, both mentally and physically. I had no idea how much freedom I took for granted before all of this hit. 2006 was a big revelation of the frailty of human life for me, something I will not take for granted again.

Where does all this lead to next? I've been advised by my doctors that I will not be able to travel in any capacity for the next 6 months, as I have to adjust to immunosuppressant drugs to fight any possible form of rejection of the kidney, and my body needs time to recover from this operation, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. All things that only make one stronger!

Obviously, my health must come first, but of huge importance to me is my loyalty to the rest of Nevermore, and as soon as I am deemed fit and ready to hit the road again, I will. I've already written 4-5 songs in various stages for the next Nevermore record, when the time comes to do one."

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Posted: 12.01.2007 by Necrowinter


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12.01.2007 - 05:08
Account deleted
Man good fucking job for him!
12.01.2007 - 05:30
Great to hear.
12.01.2007 - 07:12
Definitely good to hear!

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12.01.2007 - 13:08
Angel of Lust
Great Steve, I'm very happy you found a donor...
Good luck for the future

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12.01.2007 - 14:17
Lost To Apathy
Kidney malfunctions are really a torment, I'm glad to know he's recovering.
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12.01.2007 - 16:08
That's great! I'm very happy he is recovering now.
12.01.2007 - 18:36
this is good news ^^ good luck for Steve
12.01.2007 - 21:14
Account deleted
Yay! Go Steve!
13.01.2007 - 00:22
Smyth is back! Go away Chris Broderick. Go back Fag Panzer.
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13.01.2007 - 19:36
So glad to read so great news .
14.01.2007 - 18:44
Mr. Noise
That's a real Metalhead! Writing material when having a kidney transplant!
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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15.01.2007 - 03:04
Account deleted
Too bad he isn't in the picture next to the post. I remember when I saw Nevermore Sept 6, 2005, what a great show (even though it was only 25-30 minutes long). Steve Smyth only used 1 guitar pick and I got it
16.01.2007 - 02:49
Xtreme Jax
Thats excellent news, now just hope his body doesnt reject the kidney and he'll be back touring.

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