Katatonia - Live CD/DVD To Be Released In May

Katatonia's live performance from Germany's Summerbreeze open air festival 2006 will be released as a double disc live album/dvd entitled "Live Consternation" on May 28th.
The super jewel case packaging will feature both the audio on CD and the show on DVD (incl both 2.0 and 5.1 versions). The artwork was once again designed by Travis Smith and will close the visual concept for "The Great Cold Distance" phase.

01. Leaders
02. Wealth
03. Soil's Song
04. Had To (Leave)
05. Cold Ways
06. Right Into The Bliss
07. Ghost Of The Sun
08. Criminals
09. Deliberation
10. July
11. Evidence

Source: katatonia.com
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Posted: 12.03.2007 by Kin3tic


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12.03.2007 - 20:54
Tony Harrison
I have no arms..
I think i'll be getting my hands on a copy of this, pity there aren't more songs on it from their earlier days.
This is an outrage...
12.03.2007 - 21:17
this tracklist is pretty much the same when they played here.but murder and some songs are missing normally.i personally cant see a point in sitting and watching a dvd of katatonia coz they are not much of a stage band.of course im not talking about seeing them live.in live you feel it..
i'm super, thanks for asking
12.03.2007 - 21:25
Advice Troll
Here comes the question... What's the purpose of all these live releases? I've never bought a live album and never will...
Bitch! Please
13.03.2007 - 02:19
Der Meister
Account deleted
Hopefully it won't cost that much concidering the rather small amount of material.
13.03.2007 - 05:24
Xtreme Jax
Have to agree, because of the amount of material on the dvd (or lack there of) the price will depend whether I pick this one up.

If they added their musicc videos from The Great Cold Distance and some other footage then yeah I definalty would get it, but doesnt seem to have any information that this will be inclueded.

Hellcunt Smurf
13.03.2007 - 11:05
Account deleted
Lets hope they do add some videos and other interesting stuff to it. It's true that they aren't much of a stage band, but that kinda makes them more intriguing somehow. Hopefully the DVD will get released in Australia not long after the advertised release date too!!
13.03.2007 - 13:50
Angel of Lust
I prefer the late years, so this tracklist is very good in my opinion, they could play Murder at least anyway...
However, it's very interesting and I think I'll buy it!

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
13.03.2007 - 15:00
Xtreme Jax
Written by Guest on 13.03.2007 at 11:05

Hopefully the DVD will get released in Australia not long after the advertised release date too!!

Haha, I'd like to think that too, but doubt it. Reckon give it a week after the release date, poor us Aussies

Also, should an edit be made on the english in the news title? It would make more sense if the word 'on May' would be changed to 'in May'.

Hellcunt Smurf
13.03.2007 - 21:39
Daru Jericho
Wow, only 11 songs? That's a bit weak but it is a festival appearance, I suppose. They should have filmed from one of their proper headlining tours. Pass for me, it looks like.
Aborted Misanthropic Smurf Puppy On Acid.

14.03.2007 - 04:12
Bitch Boy
This is a really cool set of songs. Will get this one for sure.

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