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Drummer Ricardo Confessori has assembled a new SHAMAN lineup following the group's split last October. Joining Confessori in the new group are guitarist Leo Mancini, vocalist Thiago Bianchi and bassist Fernando Quesada. Check out a photo of the new group at A song from the revamped band, entitled "One Life", can be downloaded at this location*.

This website seems to be the homepage of the new Shaman. Note that it doesn't seem to be officially open, yet you'll find many information on the new band, and their new album entitled "Immortal." Why the band seems to be able to use the name "Shaman" and not "Shaaman" is still unknown.

*It can also be streamed at the new website.

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Posted: 14.05.2007 by wrathchild


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14.05.2007 - 23:18
Freaky Admin
Surprising but great news !

The song sounds cool a mix of old Angra and Shaman cool !

(the new singer seems to be really good )
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14.05.2007 - 23:26
I'm liking this new song a lot. Sounds a bit like a mix of Sha(a)man, old and new Angra. Somewhat closer to the first Shaman album.

I was doubtful on whether Ricardo Confessori could keep the spirit alive, and if this is not just a big joke I must say he did succeed 100%!
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Txus, Mägo De Oz
14.05.2007 - 23:30
Ehm,nah. I liked the first 2 (or 3) albums, but these vocals - suck =|
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I open my eyes, but the darkness stays
15.05.2007 - 00:00
Baz Anderson
surprising indeed!
even though I am a big Angra fan I wasn't a great fan of Shaaman - but then I did only have the album that people said was the not-so-good one..

this new song sounds quite good.. it isnt sold to me yet but it sounds very promising indeed - after a few listens I could probably really get into this..
indeed.. I like the vocals too!
15.05.2007 - 00:43
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Good surprise this come back.
I'm waiting for more about this, and for the future of the band. This song sounds good, vocals too.
15.05.2007 - 12:39
Very good, I like the news, altough I like Matos a lot, I think this will be good album.
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Nothing can never take away
What I've seen with these tired eyes
16.05.2007 - 14:54
Account deleted
i didn't think the download was going to sound this good. i'm really amazed by new Shaman. goes to show you that no matter how many lineup changes this band gets, they'll always sound great.
18.05.2007 - 15:26
I'm not impressed with the new song...find it a little boring actually...but great that they're back

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27.05.2007 - 06:11
The Sasquatch
Love this new line up, think that we need some new faces in metal and this new vocalist is pretty good (not as good as Matos tho) its good to see how brazilian bands reinvent themselves even when we all thought that it was dead =D
21.07.2007 - 06:48
Account deleted
Oh I didnt expected such as a good song with new formation.
It reminds me a lot of ritual for tomorrow in the intro.
The vocalist is good but not as good as andre and the the guitarist is really good maybe too power but the keyboard gives the song a little prog touch.
Im really impresed i hope that andre releases new great stuff like holy land and ritual,
21.07.2007 - 07:03
Account deleted
Oh i forgot you can hear a demo songs of andre matos in It sounds really good but i think andre should remember the power guitar and not use that flat guitars all the time.
29.07.2007 - 16:34
Im very curious to listen to their new stuff. Man i loved the previous releases especially Ritual. We´ll wait and see...

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