Borknagar - work in progress on a DVD

Asgeir from BORKNAGAR has posted the following in the band's official forum at

"We have finally started working on a Borknagar DVD. However, there will probably be another studio album (meaning another epic after Epic. Duh.) before the DVD surfaces. We got lots and lots of video material from the recordings of Quintessence, Empiricism and Epic. We got all shows I've played with the band (some shows with three cameras running), and we've got a lot of stupid backstage and touring stuff. Øystein has a couple of hours from the US tour but we need more - especially bootlegs from the '90s! We are basically looking for as much video material as possible so let us know what you have! Did you smuggle a camera into a Borknagar show? Let us have a copy of it! Bootlegs are welcome!!!"

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Posted: 06.06.2004 by Sephiroth

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