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Within Temptation have issued the following update:

"Unfortunately we have to announce that, due to family matters, Stephen hasn't been able to rehearse with us for the upcoming theatre tour. That's why Stephen has asked Mike Coolen to replace him for the rehearsals and consequently also for the theatre tour. You might have seen Mike Coolen (Brotherhood Foundation, Daybroke) with us before, as he replaced Stephen during a few shows last year. We kindly ask you to also give Mike a warm welcome!

Speaking of shows, the upcoming theatre tour will be our last tour for a while. The upcoming year we will focus on writing new songs and work on recording a new album. We have done over 180 shows in 40 countries in the past 2 years. New continents have been visited (like the United States, South-America and Russia) and we also did shows in Eastern Europe for the first time. The Black Symphony concert with the Metropole Orchestra in Ahoy Rotterdam has been an absolute highlight. We're still very proud of the amazing DVD and Blu-ray in which it has resulted. It have been two intense, but amazing years and we'd like to thank you all for giving us your warm welcome and support!

In short, due to all the touring we have done, we haven't been able to work on new songs and that's why we now want to focus on that. We'd also like to go on holiday for a change as we haven't been able to do this in the past years. Besides writing new songs, there will also be more time for individual side projects. Ruud will be busy with his band 'For All We Know' and giving guitar lessons. Stephen will be busy with his band My Favorite Scar and Jeroen will study 3D Design. Of course, this will bring in a lot of new inspiration for everybody.

Of course we will frequently update you all on all the developments with regards to the new album. So keep an eye on the website and newsletter for our updates. We'll keep you posted! But for now the theatre tour is coming up shortly, which will be very intimate and special. We are really looking forward to this and we hope to see you all there!"

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Posted: 06.11.2008 by SlaytallicA


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07.11.2008 - 01:34
Black Conundrum
Hm, they called Russia a continent. However, I do wish them luck on the upcoming album and the side projects.
07.11.2008 - 08:15
Seeker of Truth
Ha, they also called The US a continent! Probably what they meant is that they've never been to North America and kinda Asia (Russia is 75% Asian) although they probably won't get to the Asian part
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07.11.2008 - 16:05
Kap'N Korrupt
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I wish they'd come to Canada after they take that holiday...
07.11.2008 - 19:10
It's fair, they deserve some vacations.
08.11.2008 - 07:24
Hmmm..Im wondering what are they waiting to come to Australia for?!
10.11.2008 - 17:43
Elodie Artour
Yeah, they indeed need some rest before getting down again to serious work. I would be very glad if they came to play in Sofia one day!

And I'm also sure they do know what a continent means.
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11.11.2008 - 14:05
Wish hem luck on next tours & making new songs
11.11.2008 - 22:28
The Shape 1973
Hope the new album is a return to their gothic roots and not more chart fodder
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