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Delain - New Video Available Online

Dutch metallers Delain have posted their brand new video for the song "April Rain", online. The song is the title track off the band's new album, scheduled to be released in the BeNeLux on March 20.

The band comments, "We recorded the video in Serbia and used a green screen. It turned out to be a pretty awesome video and we hope you like it."

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Posted: 17.03.2009 by Abattoir


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18.03.2009 - 00:24
The Shape 1973
Love it, really good video and brilliant song. I bet it doesn't get played even once in this country, the music played in the UK is shit.

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18.03.2009 - 02:01
Jason W.
Oh a really cool video! Of course having such a good song helps too, but some nice effects on this one. I hope it's easy to pick up this CD soon. Martijn and Charlotte both do a great job in the song, I hope the rest of the disc matches it.
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18.03.2009 - 07:28
Not bad. Not the best music video I have ever seen, but at least it has something to do with the song. I've seen MUCH worse music videos.

Was anyone else just slightly reminded of the opening to metal gear solid 2? lol
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18.03.2009 - 09:56
Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk
To Mega Therion
Serbia seems to be popular for shooting videos - first Blind Guardian, then Hammerfall, Kamelot, Epica and Edguy, now Delain...I hope that this will remain the case

Video itself is rather nice.

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20.03.2009 - 17:14
I saw it two days ago, its awesome their best video till now

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