Charon - Will Resume Writing New Material In August

Charon have issued the following update:

"We have together decided to take some time out from song writing and album production. As from today we are taking a two-month break from Charon to keep things meaningful and to search for relaxation and less stressed creative inspiration. We will continue writing songs in August when we will think through our working methods and scan for potential partners. A small break after 15 years of hard work gives all of us a great possibility to do other things and look at things from a distance.

After the release of "Songs for the Sinners", the last album for Spinefarm, we played intensively around Finland and Europe for two years. After extensive touring we have worked countless hours to make the next and the best Charon album ever. The last two years have gone by really fast and at the same time emerging writer's block has not made it easy for us. Lately we have felt that we have lost the ability to write great songs and playing has become forced. We want to be honest in all our work to ourselves and to our fans - and to make an album that we can stand behind. We will not settle for anything less. In addition, personal reasons and other music projects have had their influence on the pace of working.

During the break Charon will not play any shows in Finland or elsewhere. Playing the same setlist all over again has been a burden to us since we want to offer our fans the best experience on shows as well. We will return to the stage 8 August in Raahe, Finland and 4 September at the AngraRock festival in the Azores, Portugal."

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Posted: 19.06.2009 by Bad English


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19.06.2009 - 14:57
No, problem. I'll wait for it anyway
19.06.2009 - 20:41
Bad English
Funeral song, they never had realsied anythuing beter how ''Sorrowburn'' album in 1998 and this song is ebst of all

White dreams of sour relish
four candles in virgins nest
Sweet rhyme of brook flows in our minds... we fly.
Words in a cold frost eve,
taken by the form of breeze
Falling down before they get to known... the sough

Drunken by a fierce of night
and some who reclaimed my mind
The dark is longer than we thought, so cold.
Black snow shall fade our shapes
roots of the oak embrace
Sweet rhyme of brook flows through our times, alive.

A quiet pray, another day
for the words that never said.
November's eve, four of a breeze
for the words that never feels,
Forever we die, forever disdain
in WHITE dreams of sour relish.
Forever white, forever night
loose love cleaves to a dark.
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
19.06.2009 - 22:36
el parcero
I didn't know they had been writing new stuff, it's been a while since I heard from them. Anyway, I guess I can wait too, and hope high for it.
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20.06.2009 - 07:59
Eddie Misery
I'll definitely be looking forward to it. No point in forcing something, or it will sound just that--forced.
20.06.2009 - 13:33
Jason W.
Yes, considering it's been since 2005, I think I can wait a few more months for some new material.... wow, I have really missed having some Charon music to look forward to though!
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20.06.2009 - 16:05
One objection....they have been touring europe extensively...??? really? when? i think they should just say finland and sometimes russia...
apart from that i like the fact they dont want to release an album just for the sake of it, and they want it to be good. i like that. at the same time though it has been 5 years since the last album and i think that they had enough time to find something good and get inspired or whatever. i guess they are not motivated enough and i am not sure these 2 months off will help them that much...hopefully i will be proved wrong though since i love charon and i would like to hear a new album that is the best thing they have ever done. they just need to get on with it!
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