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After Jape Perätalo's last - somewhat confusing - message, he decided a few months later he will continue To/Die/For after all. What's more, the band is busy working on a new album. Here's the update:

"At the moment, me (Jape Perätalo) and Tonmi "Malakias IV" Lillman are writing new songs. We have a lot of material and in August we will hit the studio in Helsinki for the first recordings.

We have no guitarist(s) yet. At the studio we will use... someone. It is not that easy to find a human being who would be able to work with me and Tonmi, and especially he should not be 'a metal' guy at all.

We are not gonna fill new songs with guitars! (Which does not mean that there is not guitars at all!) This time we will create something new, but it will sound as To/Die/For, for sure. Main idea is that it must be fresh!

Most of the gothic rock scene is so fucking boring that we do not see any reason to continue on that road! So many bands sounds almost same. There is no new ideas.
I do not mean every gothic rock band, but anyway... That is something we are gonna change! We will be melancholy and everything we have been before, but we will renew our music and ways to handle it.

On our MySpace does not happen a lot for a while. We will create new sites when it is right time for it. Now we need all of our energy and time for the new songs.

We are not gonna look for any record label for releasing this album! All we need is find right labels which we could sign license deals with. Now it seems that licenses for Russian, Japan and Finland are already in our hands. And I am looking for new license deals all the time. So... things will happen mainly through our own company."

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Posted: 20.07.2009 by SlaytallicA


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20.07.2009 - 16:31
Wow, thats funny..... but Happy by this changement of attıtude!
20.07.2009 - 22:36
Good news !!! Can't wait to hear the new stuff.
21.07.2009 - 01:15
Black Conundrum
Great news concerning To/Die/For. It is nice that they are going to explore some more musical possibilities and change from the gothic rock/metal style, not that it was bad they were a gothic metal band and not that gothic metal within itself is bad, either. That's cool that they aren't split up after all and that they still hvae a future ahead of them.
21.07.2009 - 06:04
I completely agree with everything he said.
Most "gothic" music today isn't gothic... it's metal with emo, retarded lyrics and cliche, typical sounding tunes.

I am happy to hear they want to return to their earlier style... "Wounds Wide Open" was a disappointment.
But I Justify My Desire to No One
21.07.2009 - 09:20
LeChron James
Why the FUCK did he refer to himself in the third person?!
Kick Ass, Die Young

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Stay Poor

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22.07.2009 - 10:55
No guitar's ?

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