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Blowback - Request Financial Support For Hospitalized Guitarist

Record company HG Fact sent out the following e-mail concerning the Japanese Hardcore Punk band Blowback today:

"Hello everyone. I'm sending this message to all my forign friends. Coz I wanna ask you some help. World wide firendship support really needed. Seiichi, our brother, guitar player from BLOWBACK/Niigata, Japan. On 30th/August, right after paintbox/world burns to death/blowback tour finnished, he felt in heavy sickness. and still in unconscious critical condition.

He's been had major liver problem for long time, his liver has malignant virus in it, on this last tour, he was over tired, exhausted & stressed out. And finally his body/health situation turned to very weak condition. Then... suddenly, virus in the liver start working hard inside of his body, liver & some other internal organs stop working & lots of poison in blood running through all over his body, he was almost dead that time.

An amubulance car took him to hospital & he went to intensive care unit straight. Doctor said Seiichi already escaped most danger. But still, totally no talk, no action, he's still in 100% unconcious conditions on the bed.

This medical treatment he gets are already costs him & his family huge amount of money. And doctor said that, even if he gets any better, but he must cure his liver super carefully, this means he must stay in hospital until new year.... or same liver problem will attack him very soon....

And no one can be sure about that when Seiichi can be back on his job. Even if he could get out of hospital....

We his friends really wish that he'll recover good soon... anyway, most serious problem right now is that he & his family facing serious financial difficulties. Already this
situation costs huge & same high costs continues untill he get out of hospital, and can't know when he can start working...

I decided that ask all my friends for donation money for help seiichi & his family, I think this is the best I can do now. And he needs your help!

Can you please send me money for Seiichi help through paypal?? My paypal account is same this e-mail. if you like to send money, please never forget to mention that "MONEY FOR HELP SEIICHI" on paypal payment message. Please.

Ofcourse amount of money never matters. Whatever you would like to. That will very much appreciated, anything from you will help him out & courages him, his family, and all his brothers in Japanese punk scene!

Hope you understand this, sorry for my broken English! Thank you for your kindness friendship. Please help our best brother out!


Please help him

TADASHI / HG fact" (sic)

Blowback MySpace, HG Fact Records, send a personal message with your e-mail adress to Lucas if you want to receive a forward of the original e-mail.

Posted: 11.09.2009 by Lucas


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11.09.2009 - 21:48
Mr. Noise
Decided to skip some cd's, send some money to him. Don't know the band, but whatever. Guess I needed to feel about myself.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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11.09.2009 - 22:32
Valentin B
Written by Lucas on 11.09.2009 at 21:48

Decided to skip some cd's, send some money to him. Don't know the band, but whatever. Guess I needed to feel about myself.

no offence/whatever to Blowback, but

wow it's people like you that make me wanna get moderately famous with a band, eat some chalk, get hospitalized and make my bandmates broadcast financial support over the internet just to buy a new amp/guitar/whatever
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11.09.2009 - 23:18
Heaven Knight
I dont have feeling he suffers from "eating chalk"...
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11.09.2009 - 23:58
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Written by Ellrohir on 11.09.2009 at 23:18

I dont have feeling he suffers from "eating chalk"...

No, but I can sort of understand where Valentin is coming from. The band is using their moderate fame to pay hospital bills. There's people all over the world going through similar shit, but they don't go canvasing on the internet for donations specifically to them. On the other hand I can understand their desperation in a time like this, I guess it's easier to bash them for it when you're not in their shoes. If you had some fame, and someone you cared about was in the hospital, would you not try and use that fame to help them?
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12.09.2009 - 00:43
Mr. Noise
True. And I have to admit, it was more an impulse move than anything. I'm still not sure on whether I 'agree' with my own move, but well... I did it, ok, end of it.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

"The reason I'm running for president is because I can't be Bruce Springsteen." - Barack Obama
12.09.2009 - 00:46
Baz Anderson
Well I am glad we have the NHS.
12.09.2009 - 14:31
Retired Staff
The first time a paypal link is getting its own news bulletin on MS, and still no funny rude comments? Come on guys, loosen up. For all we know, our money could just as easily be supporting this guy's drug and/or bar tab causing his major liver problem.

Anyway, I'm keeping my dollar. But instead will donate the band my priceless suggestion to get a (second) job and proper health insurance.
Your favorite band sucks.
12.09.2009 - 23:10
Black Conundrum
I hope that Seiichi get better and can resume normality after this crap is over. I haven't heard of this band, either.
14.09.2009 - 11:54
LeChron James
Fuckin sucks. i hope he doesnt croak.
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