Atrocity - New Album Featuring Frontman Alex Krull's Sister In The Works

Official press release

On November 13th the Beauty & The Beast tour starts! Atrocity will play special Werk 80 shows on that great festival tour!

While the band is preparing for the European run there is some great news to be announced: Atrocity are recording a new record. It will be a project album featuring frontman Alex Krull's sister Yasmin, and it will be out next year.

The collaboration with Yasmin started previously on Atrocity's legendary Blut album (1994) where Alex's sister was doing guest vocals. In 1995 the mystical and very special Atrocity featuring Yasmin Calling The Rain mini album was released, and became a success. Calling The Rain contained mainly acoustic songs which was a completly new aspect of making music for a death metal band in that time. As no other band was playing that kind of music, it was simply called Ethno Metal.

"A funny name for creating a kind of metal nobody had a name for. As we are a metal act and playing with Yasmin songs influenced by Ethno and World music, it's ok to me, although I don't like categories," states Alex Krull.

The last Atrocity featuring Yasmin song recorded was "Desert Land" for the first Orkus Compilation in 1999. Since then fans kept on waiting for new material and asking for a new official release of Atrocity featuring Yasmin. Last year Calling The Rain was re-released on Napalm Records.

After the Top 20 album Werk 80 II was released, Atrocity announced that the new record will be totally different again and another special project album with Yasmin. Through the years Atrocity wrote new songs for the new album with Yasmin. The production is in full swing and drummer Seven Antonopoulos has completed his drum tracks. On this album Seven utilzed a great amount of different percussion instruments.

Seven Antonopoulos: ''I really had fun tracking this record. Nowadays records are so over produced and slick sounding. It was nice to get in the studio and use organic drum sounds as well as a ton of percussion instruments. For the drums I played a 5 piece PDP kit and we used a few different DW wood snares. The 8' edge Collectors series was the main one though. A couple years ago I started experimenting with different kinds of percussion. On this record I used a cajon on almost all the tunes. As well as congas, bongos, timbales and all kinds of Rhythm Tech shakers and tambourines. Again, it was so refreshing to utilize natural instruments in a recording situation. I think the fans will be taking by the whole vibe and mood of the tracks. This was my first time to work with Yasmin. She has a great voice and it was a real treat to see how she interpreted the songs. At this point I've been playing with Leaves' Eyes / Atrocity for a year. So, the studio process is pretty much second nature. All in all I'm proud of the work on the record, and I can't wait to hear the final mixes.''

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13.11.2009 - 05:14
Jason W.
Well, I'll check it out of course, but I'm always love-or-hate with Atrocity releases. Speaking of the previous work with Yasmin, I dislike "Calling The Rain", while "BLUT" is excellent for its time. I like her voice but haven't liked the music much, so I'll keep an open mind for this one.
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13.11.2009 - 06:19
Black Conundrum
I have to check this band out sometime soon. It sucks I haven't yet. I'm more familiar with the works of Alexander Krull's wife, Liv Kristine.
13.11.2009 - 09:50
Atlantis is a good album ! yes Leaves Eyes is amazing !
14.11.2009 - 13:45
Bad English
Awesome, because Calling The Rain was last album from band what I liked, realy awesome album remainds me Ulver accustic album , but Love Is Dead be all time best song from band , they never will criate better song(well they sould ot title after Alex merry liv ) realy firts albums from band was awesome, but newer totaly crap
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I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
16.11.2009 - 03:23
LeChron James
Run train on alex krull's sister
Kick Ass, Die Young

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