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Brutal Death Metal 451
The roots of Black Metal (The primogenial Black Metal sound) 21
The Drone Thread 226
Atmospheric black metal 3
Blut Aus Nord 505
Anti Islamic Black Metal 61
Black Metal 326
Bleak Flesh "The Spectral Path" Official Videoclip 1
Recommend bands like Behemoth 20
What makes you listen to black metal? 650
Grand Belial's Key 23
Greek Black Metal 38
Esoteric 71
Recommend me bands like Summoning 74
Nokturnal Mortum 301
Canadian Black Metal 57
Metallica 559
Suggestions For Very Fast Extreme Metal Albums 47
Black Twilight Circle - (USBM collective, kinda like LLN, but good) 97
Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum, Cloak Of Altering, etc) 55
Blackened Thrash 47
Humanity defiled - death metal 4
Gigan 5
Death/Thrash suggestions 58
Siege 3
Power Metal for Extreme Metalheads? 80
Fanisk 33
Aurora Borealis rare rehearsal footage 1998 Derek Roddy Ron Vento 1
Anti-Atheist Black Metal Bands? 5
Tystnad New one man Black Metal project 12

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