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Non-Metal Album Recommendations 2017 45
What music genre do you feel is in greater need or reformation? 9
Shpongle 1
Non-Metal Album Recommendations 2016 128
PERTURBATOR: The metal to electronic link you may be looking for 20
Classical Music 170
Games Music 234
Shoegaze / Dream Pop 12
Neofolk 72
Current fav song (not metal/rock) 833
Which are some really obscure musical genres you know? 1
Post-Punk Revival 20
Most depressingly sad song you've heard. 151
J-Pop 10
Dark Cabaret 9
Non-metal bands you like 96
Is progressive music deeper and more meaningful? 66
Electronic dance music 6
Autechre 5
Boards of Canada 52
Bands you like, but are ashamed of it 444
Interesting Non-metal Discoveries 1
Censorship in rock and metal lyrics 25
Crap Song, Great Solo! 1
Classic Artists/Bands You DON'T Like 2
Jazz 71
Who else is gay for Lana Del Rey? 8
Post the worst vocalists that you know 43
Manunkind - the mighty world fresh blood in post-industrial? 1
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