A Life Once Lost

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13.06.2006 - 04:33
I have recently got into A Life Once Lost and I must say that their album Hunter is amazing. I have checked out their previous albums as well and I don't like them at all. I guess I would describe their music as Meshuggah-ish because of the extensive use of polyrythms. I don't really know if this is really an accurate description of them though because I don't like Messugah at all but it's the closest thing to them I can think of. What do you guys think of this band and what genre would you consider them to be in?
14.06.2006 - 16:17
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A Life Once Lost - Offer Live Interview, Footage, "Rolling Tips" To Metal Injection :

The newest episode of internet videocast Metal Injection is now online. The featured band this episode is A Life Once Lost. Featured in this episode is two live songs from the band, and a hilarious interview in which the band gives their best tour stories, talk about other bands they'd like to be in and even give some "rolling tips".

Also featured on the episode is interview and live footage with Despised Icon, a tribute to Marauder, videos from Watch Them Die, Leng Tch'e and much more.

The episode is available for download here.

(Source : http://www.metalinjection.net)
Your favorite band sucks.
22.06.2006 - 01:47
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I dont really like this band at all, as they seem to be just one of the average metalcore/hardcore bands from labels like ferret records flooding the American heavy music scene these days.

But regarding the Meshuggah influence, its definitely there and theyre pretty much known for citing them as one of their largest influences (if not the largest) if i remember correctly.
10.08.2006 - 17:46
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mmm Metalcore for sure... and well i really like metalcore bands and this one is really good ... they're last album "HUNTER" is WOw really fucking good i like this band and saw them on Ozzfest ... nice show btw
20.01.2011 - 21:51
Damn this thread is old o.o

Anyway, what's new with A Life Once Lost? They haven't put out any new music since Iron Gag it seems.