Machinae Supremacy

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17.05.2006 - 04:45
I don't think I ever saw them mentioned on MS before, but correct me if I'm wrong. Has anyone else heard of Machinae Supremacy? Their website has a lot of their material available for free download. The address is

They play what they call SID metal. For those of you unfamiliar with early 1980s soundchip hardware (which I think includes me anyway) the SID chip was the primary voice synthesizer for the Commodore 64 and similar early video game platforms. Machinae Supremacy are a Swedish melodic hard rock band that incorporates the unique sounds of this chip into their keyboard parts and manages to put together some super-fun rock anthems that will bring back memories for the older members of this site while introducing we young'uns to something totally new and exciting. Nobody else does quite what they do, and that's why I think they deserve a little attention. I would recommend most any song of theirs, although some of you might not like their singer. Stick to the instrumentals and you'll be guaranteed to enjoy it... 'Sidology 3 - Apex Ultima' is one of my favorites. 'Masquerade' is a good song that includes vocals.

Let me know what you guys think... independent rock bands need all the publicity they can get, and I'd feel guilty keeping this gem to myself.
17.05.2006 - 22:21
I've known about this band for a while, great band. Difficult to find actual albums though. My fave tracks are Winterstorm, Anthem Apocalyptica and Soundtrack To The Rebellion
17.05.2006 - 23:23
I found them a bit boring... they are very original using the SID chip, but they could use it much better... they are just an original power metal band for me
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03.08.2006 - 00:22
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Sorry folks I dont like them, well I post here because I m in Luleå now, so one guy gice me listen this ''Redeemer'' and aafter 2end song I just stop listenb this band, I dont like them, and i dont know how people can listen them , ok its not my type of metal, and I even wont go to shows
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03.08.2006 - 04:26
I like some of their songs and the idea of using the chip. For the most part though, I find them decent. The vocalist isnt all that great. I like Anthem Apocalyptica and Ghost (Beneath the Surface) the best. The rest of their songs are ok.

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29.10.2006 - 13:19
Written by Geddysciple on 17.05.2006 at 04:45

independent rock bands need all the publicity they can get, and I'd feel guilty keeping this gem to myself.

That's why they've just been added to the featured bands. I gotta disappoint you though, since a few weeks they aren't independent anymore as they've signed a major deal with Spinefarm Records
You may want to link this thread to the artist btw.

I'm a bit surprised that so few people know them. They have about four hours of music free for download on their website and according to this leads to them having about 5 times as many listeners as many established bands, for example God Dethroned or Suidakra. I myself find them quite original and I love the way they combine those SID electronics with power metal. The singer isn't bad, he's just different and that adds to their distinctive sound, although I gotta agree that one should start with their instrumentals. My favorites are the three (instrumental) Sidology parts, Winterstorm (you gotta love that chiptune at the start!), Earthbound and their cover of Bomfunk MC's Freestyler (AKA Sidstyler).
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31.10.2006 - 06:39
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This band is great and original, and I'm happy they've been featured. And signed! Maybe now I can actually find their albums here in Canada!
20.12.2006 - 22:05
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I agree. They are very orignial Power Metal. Although they define themselves as "Rock with videogame influences", but that's not important. They are very talented and original. The Jets and Guns Soundtrack is simply amazing, and the Redeemer album slams. They are different power metal which is very hard to find nowadays.
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22.12.2006 - 15:37
Southern Wind
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I received their last promo for reviewing... it was actually weird, because it was the first power metal promo I ever received, but I have to say I relaly liked it. Very blissful, fast music with well done electronic elements.... the vocals are a bit annoying and incoherent with the music, but I even learnt to get along with them... good stuff, I have to say.
20.01.2008 - 18:10
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Time to revive this topic...
I like Machinae Supremacy's music a lot. I just wish they would use more SID-sounds in their songs (after all that is what makes them special). "Gianna Sisters" was the first song I heard from them (can be downloaded from their website and I absolutely recommend listening to it) and I expected that they would use as much SID in their album songs too. Yet their music is great, wether they make melodic/power metal or SID-metal, and Redeemer is currently one of my favorite albums. Can't wait for their new release...

Also; people who wanted more SID should check this out (it's an independent artist that makes music for free, so go ahead and download): (I recommend tracks: Warp, Psalm 6581 and Arp Flux)
04.04.2009 - 07:12
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Hmmm... I am brand new to the site, so i went straight to my favorite band topic, so sorry if there is a rule against "grave digging" Or whatever they call someone who posts in dead topics.

Anyway. I love machinae supremacy! I found them by playing a flash flash revolution game and couldnt get enough of them!
29.08.2009 - 22:11
I lived in the same city as these guys for 4 years, never bothered to meet up with em though. I think their old music was pretty good, it is the singer that kind of doesn't fit too well in my own opinion..
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