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Posted by Janne on 27.08.2008 at 03:17
I started this thread because I haven't found it when I was looking for it. Originally, I wanted to creat a poll but then I realised that there are at least 20 songs which could be mentioned as an opportunity. You can say this thread is a big copy...and to be honest it is but I don't care. Personally my favourite songs are: all songs from Ecliptica (I'm nott kidding), Weballergy, Black Sheep, San Sebastian, Tallulah, Wolf & Raven, Respect The Wilderness, The Cage, Victoria's Secret, Misplaced and Wildfire. So as you can see I couldn't choose one song, but I'd be happy if you would try it! Now it's your turn! I'm waiting for replies!

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  15.09.2009 at 23:55
Written by Ellrohir on 15.09.2009 at 11:25

So far i enjoy "Flag In The Ground" most from the newest album

It's The Last Amazing Grays for me by far. And the chorus part of The Dead Skin is awesome!


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  31.12.2009 at 00:22

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  31.12.2009 at 03:22
Either full moon, or my land
Account deleted
  20.08.2011 at 02:36
8th Commandment or My Land. The worst is Blank File. It's very cheesy.
Infernal Eternal

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  06.03.2012 at 19:22
I really Like San Sebastian ans Black Sheep.
Brus-kuluz taurzur bûrzu tiil-ob
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Tor Vautu brus-troguz
Urgai-u gukh dûmp agh tiimor

Talaan-u rûk-ir tor urûk
Nauru-ir agh kragoru nûrsu grishûrz
Nork-ulu furtun agh goth
Cal Wolvington
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  24.05.2012 at 12:39
White Pearl, Black Oceans is Sonata Arctica's magnum opus, obviously.

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  25.05.2012 at 14:37
Victoria's Secret... It's a great song musically, fast-paced, cheerful, and catchy without being too cheesy, yet the lyrics really strike a chord with me and make me think because of past experiences I've had.

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  25.05.2012 at 15:30
White Pearl, Black Oceans, hands down. Perfect balance between great music and beautiful lyrics. One of my favourite songs ever.
Druantia | Folk metal

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  25.05.2012 at 15:48
Black sheep and Broken
Carry me to the shoreline
Bury me in the sand
Walk me across the water
And maybe you'll understand

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  26.05.2012 at 03:49
Hmm... I'll have to with Sing in Silence, or maybe My Land.
Smoke, Drink, and Screw. Yup, that's what I was born to do!

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