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Posted by Introspekrieg, 04.03.2010 - 22:51
In my list...


Pan.thy.monium | Khaooos & Kon-Fus-Ion | 1996

I've double and triple checked the text entered for this album and it still doesn't recognize it in the database. I've even imported the text from my collection and it just refuses to be seen...

Beginner's Guide To Building A Prog Collection (Standards, And A Few Unorthodox Choices) It's #150

Pan.thy.monium - Khaooos & Kon-Fus-Ion
17.08.2011 - 09:42
Written by JCJen7 on 17.08.2011 at 05:28

Not sure if there is a 'suggestion' thread i should put this in instead or not, if so, my mistake. But, in my opinion, when you go to here, the column that says 'started' at the top, should list the person's name and date of who MADE the list, not the first person to comment.

This is just how the forum system works. The publication itself doesn't count as a 'message', so the first message is the first comment.