What was your first album?

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Posted by Don Martin, 27.03.2010 - 21:21
What was the first metal album you have ever bought/gotten. Write a litte story on how you got it too ,please.

For me it prolly was Iron Maiden's first one. My dad took me to the metalshop and handed me this record, "Here kid, this is for you." And I put it in the car's cd player and skipped to Running Free because my dad said it was the best track. My jaw dropped.
29.12.2011 - 06:50
I was 9 and the album was black sabbath-heaven and hell.
my mom gave me 20 bucks to buy my dad a gift we went to the music store to buy him a cd he bought heaven and hell and put it in and i instantly fell in love with metal and dios voice i listened to it nonstop and a month later he just gave me the cd
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1. wintersun- time I
2. woods of ypres- woods V grey skies and electric light
3. agalloch- faustian echoes EP
4. the slow death- II
5. kreator- phantom antichrist
07.01.2012 - 07:22
My friend gave me
Def Leppard " hysteria"
09.01.2012 - 09:52
First album was a cassette of Iced Earth's 'Burnt Offerings'. I have updated my entire collection to CDs now, but I still own that very cassette as a memorandum of the first spark that grew to be my metal fire.
10.01.2012 - 02:11
I honestly have no idea how "Kill 'em All" ended up (a cassette) in my room, I was what, 11 or 12. I remembver vaguely that I liked Jump into Fire very much, but that's all.
11.01.2012 - 15:44
I don't remember, it must be "Made in Japan" by Deep Purple or "Master of Puppets" by Metallica.
11.01.2012 - 23:03
Cuca Beludo
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Iron Maiden's "Edward The Great". My brother was buying "mangá-things-I-Don't-Know", then he saw this CD and told me later. He said it was R$15,00 ( Above US$7,00, I guess...). At the time I wasn't into Iron Maiden, so I purchased it! Excellent songs!
12.01.2012 - 01:10
My first one was Rhapsody's Emerald Sword... I used to listen to it million times, so i have gotten bored of it now... But these were good days... i was so excited, like i had found a treasure or sth! xD
12.01.2012 - 02:25
Nevermore - Politics of Ecstasy, in 96 or 97, when I was 13 or 14. Had been listening to Megadeth and Metallica before, but hadn't bought anything.

Also guilty of having many bad nu-metal albums back in the late nineties.
31.05.2013 - 00:48
Jessie J
Slayer - Hell Awaits
01.06.2013 - 20:31
Yup St.anger....... but also might've been Focus: Hocus Pocus i dont know i only have like 30 cd's.
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01.06.2013 - 21:50
First one I listened to: Muse - Absolution. A friend brought it over and I ripped it.
First one I downloaded illegally: can't remember. Probably more Muse. I've stopped doing that now though.
First one I bought: Stryper - Murder by Pride. I got it after seeing them in London in 2010.

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05.06.2013 - 18:10
God of shadows
Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth (digipack)

It was when me and my family traveled to the southern part of Sweden, and went to this big supermarket or what it is called, called Ullared. I went pretty quickly to the media part of the store, and find myself looking through the cds. Suddenly I found this digipack of BG, and since I already had heard a few songs from them I thought that I maybe should buy this. I continued to search for other interesting cds, but the only other one that could have been interesting for me was BFMV's "Fever", but I hadn't heard anything from it so I ended up buying Blind Guardian.
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06.06.2013 - 12:29
My first album was 'Images and Words'. I bought it actually just a couple of years ago, since I only started getting into music in general at about the age of 16. It's still one of my favorite records, with one of my all-time favorite moments: when the melody from 'Waiting For Sleep' plays in 'Learning To Live'.
11.06.2013 - 19:39
I don't have the first album. I only listen to my brother's tapes, and heard Metallica's One, so i am in love with the metal music since the day i listened. then i found the death's human album in a tape. maybe we can say that it was my first album too.
03.07.2013 - 19:41
Kiss Alive II
04.07.2013 - 17:52
Mad Arab666
First album I bought was decapitated nihility
First album I listened to was cradle of filth midian
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05.07.2013 - 13:59
First heavyish albums I bought were Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I & II.
First extreme metal album I bought was Ancient Rites - Blasfemia Eternal.
24.07.2013 - 07:45
Secundum Filium
First CD Period: A compilation of Igor Stravinsky's works from my 3rd grade teacher, who noticed that I was really getting into the composer's works when he was being taught about in class.

First Metal/Hard Rock CD: Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind for my 15th birthday which help me get into the genre as a whole (I also received AC/DC's Highway to Hell on the same occasion, but i unfortunately misplaced it somewhere)

First Metal CD I Bought Personally (after years of downloading): Primordial's Redemption at the Puritan's Hand, whose artwork had caught my eye and after hearing samples of it, I wanted to hear more.
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