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Sigh's Best Album

Hangman's Hymn6
Imaginary Sonicscape5
Hail Horror Hail3
Gallows Gallery2
Scenes From Hell2
Scorn Defeat0
Infidel Art0
Scenario IV: Dead Dreams0
Ghastly Funeral Theatre [EP]0

Total votes: 18


Posts: 18887

Age: 32
From: UK

  29.05.2010 at 19:35
Personally I've finally settled on Hangman's Hymn, I love the repeating motif throughout, as well as its production and bombacity.

Posts: 3493
From: Bulgaria

  29.05.2010 at 20:11
I like pretty much all of their albums, but the more avant-garde edge in Gallows Gallery was interesting.
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Age: 24
From: Lebanon

  29.05.2010 at 21:33
I consider Imaginary Sonicscape to be their magnum opus because of the innovative concepts and catchy song compositions which makes regard this album as a classic in the Avant-Garde repertoire.
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Posts: 9

Age: 21
From: Czech Republic

  01.06.2010 at 21:38
I haven't listened to all of their albums, but I'm almost sure no one beats Hangman's Hymn.

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Age: 47
From: USA

  03.06.2010 at 19:13
Written by !J.O.O.E.! on 29.05.2010 at 19:35

Personally I've finally settled on Hangman's Hymn, I love the repeating motif throughout, as well as its production and bombacity.

I also love this album for the motif - it gives the entire album a strong sense of cohesiveness that is unmatched by anything else I have ever heard. The melodies are stong, and the maniacal laughter heard throughout the album gives it a distinct atmosphere.

Not to denigrate any of the other albums. I also love "Hail Horror Hail" and "Shadows Gallery," but "Hangman's Hymn" is by far my favorite.
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Age: 26
From: Iran

  07.06.2010 at 18:01
It's hard to choose, albums are totally different in genre. And almost all them are formidable albums. But fuck, I hardly can choose between two albums Imaginary Sonicscape and Scenes From Hell.. Both album have great tracks. Music in Imaginary Sonicscape is very impressive, Scarlet Dream, Nietzschean Conspiracy and A Sunset Song are some of them. Scenes From Hell have great songs too. First four track are good songs, and there's The Summer Funeral in the album which has became one of my top favorite songs in their entire discography. So I vote for Scenes From Hell.
Anyway we're talking about one of the most genius musicians/composers in last 300,000,000 years... Mirai Kawashima is crazy, I respect him a lot..
Fire from Above

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Age: 36
From: USA

  07.06.2010 at 19:41
The "choose" part is nuts... The appeal for sigh for me is that it goes all over the place in a really fun and brilliant way. This was one of those bands that it took me a while to "Get" but all in all I just found them to be amazing. I would say the listening got to be really sweet from scenario iv, it's just hard to really put a single album as the best since everything they put out really does stick out for itself in a unique way.
Totemic Lust

Posts: 2731

Age: 30
From: USA

  07.06.2010 at 22:48
My vote goes to Imaginary Sonicscape, their masterpiece. Although I enjoy most of their albums anyway...

Posts: 307

Age: 21
From: Poland

  28.07.2016 at 21:21
Imaginary Sonicscape... Its basically the only Sigh album I enjoy from start to finish, and boy, its a good one.
Sean 79

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Age: 37
From: Ireland

  02.09.2016 at 23:38
Scorn Defeat will always be an important album for me as it was one of the first black metal albums I liked. But the lunacy of Hangman's Hymn is a perfect culmination of all they're previous stuff.

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