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Posted by Talvi on 17.05.2006 at 23:49
Well, I just had to do this. My favorite band HAS to have their own topic. Because, well, Moonsorrow is THE BAND. Iron Maiden are the godfathers. Dream Theater are the perfect musicians. But the spirit, the magic, the VIKINGS... Moonsorrow are my, for me, the GODS (sorry if some peoplie didn't like this 'adjective')

It's just that the melodies they have chill my full body... I love every one of their albums, but Voimasta Ja Kunniasta is my favorite album, ever. Unohduksen Lapsi, my favorite song of theirs.

Their style is just unique. All their songs (or most of them) are epics, from 6 to 13 minutes (14-19 for Verikansaa), which very repetitive riffs and very keyboard driven melodies. No other band has played or plays like them, which makes them a very original and unique band. It's useless loving a band when 50 other bands play the same, and maybe better. Not with them.

And well, just comment what you think of this band, which will release a new album later this year. I hope it will be the best album of 2006 (with competition like Blind Guardian and Iron Maiden).

Hail the vikings!

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  30.10.2011 at 05:31
Written by Iron man512 on 01.10.2010 at 12:14

Believe. Plans are to release the new album early next year. Check the forum on their official site for details. Word is that the songs will be "shorter" ..

i m thrilled...

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Thank Fuck!!

I liked Moonsorrow sooo much better earlier in their career when the songs were shortier and more folk-like.
The Turbanator

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  01.11.2011 at 06:41
I love when they have long songs. Huuto and Tulimyrsky are fucking brilliant. I could hear those two track all fucking day.
In the name of forests; In the name of stars; In the name of all the seas; In the name of storms... Proud sons of ancient nation; Proud sons of sacred song in the wind; Proud sons behind a mirror of ice who told... Fathers of the icy age!!

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