PREORDER: Terra Tenebrosa - The Tunnels 2xLP (Ex-Breach)

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17.05.2011 - 12:07


Welcome into this world a truly phenomenal band Terra Tenebrosa, the Swedes have done it again...Hail Sweden, Hail Terra Tenebrosa. The shattering of souls signals a new beginning, so don't dare ignore this you fools! Brilliant!


Finally! The TERRA TENEBROSA - The Tunnels 2xLP is now up for pre-ordering!

The vinyl version of this fantastic album contains an exclusive bonus track called "Breaking Open The Head" which is almost 15 minutes long.

This record is released in co-operation with Trust No One Recordings out of Sweden. We strongly suggest that european/worldwide customers order from Apocaplexy and Scandinavian customers order from Trust No One.

European & worldwide customers ordering from Trust No One will end up paying more than twice the price because shipping from Sweden to Germany/Europe/worldwide is ridicilously expensive.

Scandinavian customers:

European/worldwide customers:

Preorders gets clear vinyl (ltd to 100 copies)

Germany: 15,00 Euro + 4,00 Euro shipping costs
Worldwide: 15,00 Euro + 8,50 Euro shipping costs