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28.06.2011 - 13:05
The Turbanator

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Released his new album for download (free or you can donate as well). Really amazing band if you haven't hear it yet.

Here sample for the previousEP 'Dyrad' :

In the name of forests; In the name of stars; In the name of all the seas; In the name of storms... Proud sons of ancient nation; Proud sons of sacred song in the wind; Proud sons behind a mirror of ice who told... Fathers of the icy age!!
29.06.2011 - 05:57

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Ahh Petrychor, solid atmospheric black metal. I was quite impressed with his debut EP and I plan on checking out his first full length asap.
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29.06.2011 - 06:46
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I was deeply hooked to Petrychor since the first time I listened to Dryad, and I swear I creamed myself when I listened to their first full-length. They are definitely a great addition to the long line of great atmospheric black metal bands I've been enjoying.
30.06.2011 - 03:03

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This is really good, can't say I've heard of Petrychor before but I enjoyed this. Definitely going to download the ep/his full length.
30.06.2011 - 10:06

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Man I absolutely cannot wait for a new release. Dryad ( I make my home) is a bloody amazing song
30.06.2011 - 13:58

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One of my favorite things with the band is the production, it's perfect and adds to the atmosphere.

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