FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer

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Posted by , 17.09.2011 - 23:02
Me and Metal_4Ever are having this debate, I say FIFA, he says PES, what say you?


Let's get this straight, which is the better football simulator?


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09.12.2011 - 14:14
Genghis Kal
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The difficulty modes on FIFA 12 are really unbalanced. If I play on pro against the computer all my games end up with loads of goals but if I play on semi-pro I can win 8-0 or more easily. It's also ridiculously easy to dribble past the whole opposition team on semi-pro.

I'm sick of all the bugs in the FIFA games. In FIFA 11 (after all updates/patches) I won the FA Cup, then when I went to my manager's career stats screen "domestic cups won: 0". It's such a simple thing to get right but EA rushes the games and releases them unfinished.