WRETCH - US metal like old Savatage/Metal Church/Jag Panzer...

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16.10.2006 - 21:17
Hellish Star
A band who deserves an own thread: WRETCH!!!!

This is a band with members from Beyond Fear (Tim Owen's band), Seven Witches and Breaker.

They just released an album called "Reborn" and this sounds like the (old) Metal Church, Savatage, Jag Panzer,....

Great riffs, awesome songs, mindblowing guitarsolo's, fantastic vocals,...

This is stuff for "the chosen few" around here....

Check www.auburnrecords.com


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23.10.2006 - 15:01
Account deleted
Sounds great, just cant get it in the UK
02.04.2008 - 07:21
Paleblood Hunter
My god! Where was I when these threads were posted! So many of your threads seemed to have been ignored. This is complete balls-to-the-wall Heavy Metal. I love those dirty vocals, they remind me of someone, but I can't put a name on him. Anyway, kickass riffing and some fantastic lead work. Very nice!
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