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Modern Tech-Thrash?

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10.04.2012 - 01:47
So I'm a large fan of technical thrash of the 80's/90's such as Heathen, Sadus, Coroner, Toxik, Forbidden, Mekong Delta, Annihilator and just to name a few.

I'm aware of the modern-thrash movement but so far everything I've heard is quite on the non-technical front; the only tech-thrash bands of new that I know of are Revocation and Vektor.

So where are these modern bands hiding? Is it simply that they don't exist anymore or nobody has bothered and instead just wanted to be a Municipal Waste clone? Or have most of them jumped ship and have gone into tech-death?

Anyways, suggested bands would be appreciated.
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10.04.2012 - 20:03
Doom Trooper
Halfway reading through your post, the first two bands that came to mind were Vektor and Revocation, ha. I too am realy a fan of this style but have a hard time finding bands that fit the mold.

Definitely check out the first Exmortus abum. Really both of their albums are what your asking for. However there is a drastic change in guitar tone and vocal style between the two albums. I wouldnt really call them a pure thrash band but Battlecross may be of an interest to you. I also want to throw in the band Allegaeon. They are more of a melodic death metal band with strong technical proficiency but they have a real thrash vibe in my opinion.

I know most of my replies arnt exactly what you want but maybe they will appeal to you.