High Tenor Vocalist Suggestion.

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05.09.2012 - 06:41
As a high tenor vocalist and metalhead, I'm finding it incredibly hard to find a metal singer to model my voice after. I know of several in the rock field (i.e.:Geddy Lee) but zero in metal. Even Daniel Heiman is just a standard tenor with incredible technique. If anyone knows of any I would be grateful for any suggestions.
05.09.2012 - 06:52
I don't know much about vocals, but is there a reason why bands that play classic heavy metal (Maiden, Priest) and typical power metal ( maybe Blind Guardian) would be excluded from what you are looking for?
07.09.2012 - 02:18
I'm not sure what you mean, because tenor is a high range for male vocals. Bruce Dickenson and every power metal band ever use them. I would highly recommend Jon Arch from early Fates Warning, but I guess is it that you are not looking for operatic vocals, just high pitched ones that are normal? Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation) does some pretty impressive high pitched work, but not all the time. But yeah, the only difference I can see between Geddy Lee and say, Bruce Dickenson or Jon Arch or Geoff Tate, is Geddy Lee does not project as much. Anyway, I hope this was helpful, but if you can be a little more clear, we might be able to make better suggestions.
07.09.2012 - 05:57
I guess I should have posted this on a site specifically for singers since you don't seem to understand what I mean by "High Tenor". High tenor is a specific vocal range a singer has that is separate from "standard tenor" and "low tenor" which is what every metal tenor I've found is (even the high pitched ones). Examples of high tenors are Geddy Lee (Rush) and Jon Anderson (Yes).

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