The kings of bourgeois hardcore, Bob Malmström back w/ Punkens framtid

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30.03.2013 - 22:39
Bob Malmström return on April 19th with Punkens framtid

Bob Malmström, the pioneers of bourgeois core, raised a fair amount of eyebrows with their debut album "Tala svenska eller dö" two years ago. During these past two years, Bob Malmström has both amused and annoyed people with their frequent phenomenal live performances in Finland, but also England, Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries, to name a few.

The debut album served the world a strong 14 track dose of metal-ridden hardcore punk. The new Bob Malmström album will highlight the musical extremes even further. There will be glimpses of blackest Norwegian darkness, verses that would make Desmond Child blush, as well as the more classic Bob Malmström hardcore bits.

While modern day punks make up more rules than all others combined, Bob Malmström focuses on doing exactly what they want and ignoring the public opinion. On the new album, people and locales will be put in their place, including the True Finns party, Turku (and a number of other Finnish locations), Pussy Riot fans, punks, and the "Anti-Americanism" movement

The record was born amidst endless touring with such midwives as Jonas Blomqvist and the Finntroll-familiarity Mathias Lillmåns of Finntroll helping with the pushing as producers.

The result of all this is the band's second album, which bears the name "Punkens framtid" (The Future of Punk). It will be published by Playground Music on April 19th. After the release Bob Malmström will continue intensive touring in Finland and China.

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Punkens framtid
Casino Royale
Vad händer i Bosund, stannar i Bosund
Karibiens Saddam
Åbo brinner
De stolta, de fria, de vackra
I lag med Wahlroos
Ni kommer att gå under
Kungadömets nycklar
Världen är vår


16.3 Tallinn, Club Tapper EST
19.4 Loviisa, Zilton FIN
20.4 Karjaa, Pub Norris FIN
26.4 Helsinki, On The Rocks FIN
27.4 Kouvola, Rytmikatti FIN
8.5 Lahti, Torvi FIN
9.5 Tampere, Vastavirta FIN
10.5 Vaasa, El Gringo FIN
11.5 Seinäjoki, Bar 15 FIN


24.5 Beijing, 13Club CHN
25.5 Shijiazhuang, Underground Velvet Club CHN
26.5 Tianjin, 13Club CHN
28.5 Langfang, Rock Bar CHN
31.5 Baotou, Kunzi Bar CHN
1.6 Huhehaote, Ning Livehouse CHN
3.6 Shanghai, Yuyintang CHN
4.6 Nanking, Gubao Bar CHN
5.6 Hangzhou, 9 Ball Bar CHN
7.6 Xian, Monkey Livehouse CHN
8.6 Lanzhou, Kui Livehouse CHN
10.6 Chongqing, Jiangguo Bar CHN
11.6 Chengdu, Xiaojiouguan CHN
13.6 Tianshui, Juji Bar CHN
15.6 Zhengzhou, 7 Livehouse CHN
16.6 Beijing, Marku Livehouse CHN

Part 2 dates of the world tour will be released later.
See website for further details:

Booking: Kjell Simosas -

A&R: Tommi Muhli -

China tour by: Rage Against Productions
10.04.2013 - 21:24
Bob Malmström - Punkens framtid single released (Lyric video)

The single can be viewed exclusively through Recordshop X:

Check it out, you won't be sorry! If you're in to the swedish kind of crusty hardcore in the vein of Disfear, Skitsystem and Totalt Jävla Mörker you're in for a treat.

Record release gig in-store at Recordshop X at April 19th 18 o'clock!
16.04.2013 - 00:30

Bob Malmström - Punkens framtid full album pre-listen available online!

Bob Malmström's sophomore album Punkens framtid is available for streaming for a limited time only at this location:

The album is released later this week on April 19th through Playground Music. Order your copy with a limited edition t-shirt bundle through Recordshop X (shipping worldwide):

or from CDON with a limited edition signed Bob Malmström Euro note bundle:
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