PYURIA -Grindish Rockin' Death Metal from Finland

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17.04.2013 - 11:25
Citizen inSane
Pyuria was kicked off at the late '96 in a motorcyclists meeting rally when drinking had done it's job and all hidden inhuman skills got revealed during the misty night. Musically there was some debate between proge/hc and death metal styles which challenged the line-up during the early years, not to mention the normal bohemian disappearances and life changes that play a very big role on this bands stony history.
Several demo(n)s later, in 2005 Pyuria was signed for the first record label contract with the album Calliphora Vomitoria Introitus. Unfortunately the world wide distribution never covered Finland and therefore we stayed pretty much incognito in our venue hood. That, or something else, lead to total breakdown, besides one man…
In 2007, a new album Oubliette Ontology was signed for a label and this time Finland was covered as well. Band sounded solid and strong which was recognized by other partners and organizers. Unfortunately there was too many better halves living too far away and Pyuria lost some of it's limbs and was paralyzed once again.
Persevering as it is, Pyuria got some of the hacked limbs back plus more death metal oriented new ones to bring fresh blood and ideas on the gory table. Due to long history, the vision is now clear, more coherent and Pyuria kind of style possible to define. As a result of that, in 2011 was the third album Incarnadine Revelry recorded. One could say it is the most violent and sickening Pyuria album so far! …and that has already been verified live as well…

There has been an update to the lineup, which now is:
Panu (Vox)
Oskari (Gtr)
Ville (Gtr)
Tuukka (Drumz)
Antti (Baz)

Also new video for the third track from "Incarnadine Revelry" is released! In addition the audio track contains new vocals.