ANTHROPOPHOBE - When Darkness returns / Déceptions et Trahisons (CD)

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11.10.2013 - 19:33
Sick and tired of French Black Metal bands who all sound the same and who all follow the latest trend?
You're looking for a really personal production, with its own assets, liabilities and identity?
You want to hear the disgust inspired by modern capitalism and democracy?
You want to listen to an album which has been worked and reworked for years, with care brought to every single detail?

This ANTHROPOPOHOBE CD contains 2 works: When Darkness returns... album and Déceptions et Trahisons EP.
All lyrics (written in French, English and German) included in the booklet.
All for 8 only.

A cold monolithic album written between 1999 and 2004. When Darkness returns... pays tribute to the darkest years of the Norwegian Black Metal scene (1992-94), with homogeneous production and songwriting. Listen and feel yourself drown into the icy waters of the Arctic Sea.

Déceptions et Trahisons ("Disappointments and Betrayal" in French) contains 7 songs written in the late 2000's, mixing Norwegian, Polish, French and punkish influences, still in the pure ANTHROPOPHOBE vibe. The songs are brought to life by an organic, dynamic production. Listen and explore the spectre of negative emotions inspired by human cowardness.

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