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Posted by deadone on 12.02.2014 at 06:42
So what are your favourite Metal possessions?

They can be vinyl records, cds, casettes, t-shirts, gig souveniers, posters, belt buckles, used KISS condoms whatever.

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Stella Artois

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Age: 28
From: Portugal

  15.02.2014 at 12:44
Probably an Opeth+Dream Theater concert ticket signed by the guys from Opeth for their Progressive Nation tour show in Portugal. That is very close to my heart.

The other thing I remember is a Grayceon album that I bought and came with a note from Jackie Perez Gratz herself, very personal and thoughtful. Probably the sweetest thing ever.
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The Nothingth

Posts: 1158
From: Belgium

  16.02.2014 at 04:02
Probably my Judas Priest box set containing all their Halford albums and some live ones. And my Kreator scarf, it was the only one they sold at that gig. I don't have many signed things, don't really bother with that.
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Age: 35
From: Belgium

  17.02.2014 at 13:00
My Graveland collection. I got most of his discography, some on vinyl, some on cd. The older albums I have are re-releases though.

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Age: 50
From: UK

  18.02.2014 at 01:21
A signed, green vinyl copy of Motorhead's Overkill, or An original copy of the first Pink Fairies album, Never Neverland
Mainstream Poser

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From: Australia

  18.02.2014 at 01:35
Written by mightyravendark on 18.02.2014 at 01:21

A signed, green vinyl copy of Motorhead's Overkill

Now that is cool!
The Witchfinder

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Age: 28
From: USA

  18.02.2014 at 02:18
A pick used by Rob Flynn, thrown into the audience that by some miracle I managed to grab. Also got a copy of Addicted! signed by Devin Townsend, and a hard copy of Cautiva's Human, with a personal thank you letter written by José Travieso himself.
God of shadows

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Age: 22
From: Sweden

  18.02.2014 at 07:49
Here's another one of my rare appearences on this forum.

> Not really that rare in numbers, but I got both the EP and the full-length released in physical format by Ovid's Withering. The only band up to date that I can call myself a fanboy of, even if I'm not that completely mindless, but I guess you know what I mean.
> Got one of the four copies of Aechoes - The Human Condition. So it's both rare and a prized possesion.
> Got Carach Angren - Death Came Through A Phantom Ship limited to 100 copies vinyl, and I do got the vinyl limited to 250 copies, the original cd AND the re-issue cd with the bonus songs. I think that's all the different physical versions of the album, and I'm really proud of owning all of them.

Well, maybe that's not a lot, but who the fuck cares about the amount?
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Supreme being

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Age: 27
From: Norway

  14.04.2014 at 12:00
Not much, but I have the first pressing of Mayhem's Grand Declaration of War. Not really that rare at all.

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