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Your Favourite At The Gates Songs

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13.02.2007 - 07:45
as recently at the gates took the priority of my playlists; i wonder if i'm missing some nice songs, would be nice if i hear your favourites =)
here i'm declaring my favs. atm -> terminal spirit disease, the swarm, cold, blinded by fear, city of screaming statues.. go fans i'm looking forward to see yours'
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13.02.2007 - 17:26
The Bard
Blinded By Fear but I am 100% you didn't misss this song everyone know this song
They say that we are gone but I can't let you down
The heathen faith will rise again we won't fail now
I know we cannot die forever is our time
Give my people back to me free from Christianity!!!!
14.02.2007 - 05:05
Eternal Flames
Blinded By Fear and Slaughter Of The Soul would be my favourites. They are just full of energy, fast, got some great riffing. Blinded By Fear in particular has a really catchy chorus... simple, but effective. And Slaughter Of The Soul, well that chorus is just amazing also. They've got some other purely awesome songs like Cold, Terminal Spirit Disease etc, but the two I have mentioned above are my favourites.
19.09.2007 - 09:41
Foetal Butchery
Slaughter of the Soul - great riffs - pure briliiance


Suicide Nation - also very awesome
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19.09.2007 - 09:46
Bad English
I dunnno realy dunno but all songs are good i like them all but can not asnwer who is fav because long when I lats time lsiten this band
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
30.09.2007 - 20:51
Account deleted
My favorite At the Gates song, by FAR, is Under A Serpent Sun. I just love the harmony of the main riff and those simple octaves being played concurrently. Unto Others is probably my second favorite and then The Swarm.
01.10.2007 - 20:18
Account deleted
I find this weird that all of these entries have been from the "slaughter of the soul" album.

I think slaughter... is very bland compared to the likes of "the red in the sky is ours" and "with fear i kiss the burning darkness".

My favourites are...

Raped by the light of christ - The intro acoustic is beautiful. when the distortion takes over it is fucking immense.

All life Ends - One of thier first tunes and by far one of thier best, such an old school sound to it, really slow start then fast as fuck...brilliant.
02.10.2007 - 15:53
Account deleted
Slaughter Of The Soul is my all time fav. of ATG
by far
04.01.2010 - 06:16
Written by BurbotsRevenge on 19.09.2007 at 09:41

Slaughter of the Soul - great riffs - pure briliiance


Suicide Nation - also very awesome

You've pretty much said it for me!
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07.01.2010 - 02:30
Slaughter of the Soul of course
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09.01.2010 - 06:14
Gordon Freeman
My favorite is Kingdom Gone.

I'm not usually the guy who thinks that a bands older stuff is the best.

But in the case of At the Gates...yeah, the first album is in pretty much all ways superior to everything they produced afterwards.
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04.09.2010 - 04:18
Their best songs are Kingdom Gone, Primal breath, Raped By The Light Of Christ, Blinded By Fear, and Their Captor of Sin Slayer cover
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11.10.2010 - 20:58
Account deleted
26.06.2012 - 08:50
The Red In The Sky Is Ours / The Season To Come
26.06.2012 - 09:54
Grey Wind
It's been a while since I listened to ATG(once my favorite band).
Anyway..I like all your choices, especially "Raped by the light of christ".
I'll add the tormented "Stardrowned" and the classic "Cold". Both great songs..this band had so many killer tracks!
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26.06.2012 - 10:23
Through Gardens Of Grief
All Life Ends
Primal Breath
Unto Others
The Burning Darkness

Can't really decide between these.
26.06.2012 - 10:52
Didn't listened to the ATG in a while but as i can remember songs Forever Blind, Trought Gardens Of Grief (intro especially) and Raped By The Light Of Christ are fucking great...they all fav is Under A Serpent Sun (and the whole Slougter Of the Soul album)...thats the first ATG song i've ever heard....
09.07.2012 - 21:44
Cold, Suicide Nation, Under a Serpent Sun, And The World Returned
11.07.2012 - 12:24
'Cold' and 'Unto others'!

Then again, I have to admit that Slaughter of the Soul is the only At the Gates album I posess and know
11.07.2012 - 17:51
Erotic Stains
Written by Eternal Flames on 14.02.2007 at 05:05

Blinded By Fear and Slaughter Of The Soul would be my favourites.

I also have to go with those two. Especially live, sends chills down my spine.
What's funny is that the band "hate" Blinded by Fear, saying it was just a filler and something they wrote down quickly because they didn't have a proper opening song. They also dislike playing Slaughter of the Soul live, being a pain in the ass with everybody in the audience yelling "GO" at different times and therefore messes up the tempo and rhythm for the band.